Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction Surgery
 Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction

Breast reduction is performed in most cases for cosmetic reasons, or for women who are not satisfied with the size of their breasts, or who suffer from a difference in the size of the breasts, or whose breasts have lost their aesthetic after pregnancy and childbirth, and it may be performed for therapeutic purposes in cases where women suffer from Heaviness in the chest, feeling of discomfort, pain in the back, shoulders and neck, shortness of breath.

In addition, this surgery can be performed in men who suffer from an increase in the proportion of female hormones, which causes gynecomastia, where the excess of fat, skin and glandular tissue secreted in the breast is removed as needed.

Surgery risks

Breast reduction surgery is associated with many risks, such as the following:

  • Breast asymmetry.
  • Loss of sensation at the surgical site.
  • Inability to breastfeed.

Before the surgery

It must be known whether the patient suffers from diseases that do not allow the surgery, and the reasons that prompted the patient to resort to this surgery must be known, and the desired breast size is chosen after the breast reduction operation, taking into account that the tissues in the breast are not damaged.

Certain tests, such as a complete blood count and blood chemistry, should be done, and older patients may be asked to have a chest x-ray before surgery.

You should consult your doctor about the medications you should stop taking before surgery, stop drinking alcohol 48 hours before surgery, and stop eating and drinking for 8 hours before surgery.

During surgery

The surgery takes two hours and the patient is provided with a serum containing antibiotics in order to prevent infection, then an incision is made in the breast and the removal of excess breast tissue, fat and excess skin, and then the incision is sutured with special cosmetic stitches covered with antibiotics in order to reduce the possibility of infection .

Breast reduction surgery in men with mild or moderate gynecomastia takes a short period of time and is carried out under local anesthesia only, and is done by making a small incision in the lower border of the nipple and suctioning fat cells from this area.

Post surgery

In most cases, there is a need to monitor the patient for 24 hours after surgery to ensure the stability of the condition. The patient feels pain and swelling in the breast in the first days after surgery, and bruises may appear on the surface of the breasts; Therefore, painkillers can be taken as needed.

The surgeon usually leaves one displaced tube or several tubes to get rid of the secretions and bleeding, and these tubes are removed after several days, and the recovery period after surgery takes one week, and it is preferable to get enough rest during it.

You should immediately go for a medical examination in the event of severe pain, high body temperature, bleeding or secretions from the surgical incision.

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