Benefits of lavender flower

Benefits of lavender flower
Benefits of lavender flower 

Benefits of lavender flower infusion The lavender flower is a small tree that grows to a height of 60 cm. 

The lavender tree contains dense branches of greenish-gray color.

This flower is characterized by a pungent and fragrant smell that comes out of it, as the branches of lavender flowers are distilled until the wonderful essential oils are obtained.

These flowers are also used to care for the skin and aesthetic matters.

Lavender flowers are used in the manufacture of perfumes, shampoos, and they are also used to increase flavors to some foods, and lavender flowers have many health and aesthetic benefits. 

The original lavender flowers are native to the heights of the Mediterranean basin, Russia, the Arabian Peninsula and Africa, and are also grown in the United States of America, southern Europe and Australia, and these flowers belong to a family known as the oral family. 

These flowers are produced and dried just before the blooming stage. 

The essential oil of the lavender flower is made through evaporative distillation of the raised flowers and leaves.

The lavender flower contains active substances containing 1%: 3% of the main oil, it also includes 20%: 50% linalool, and it contains 30%: 40% linalyl acetate, and the flower also includes hydroxy-coumarin compounds and tannins.

*** Uses of lavender flower

Since ancient times, the scientific name of the lavender flower is due to a Latin term (washing), which is an indication of its ancient use by the Arabs, Greeks and Romans for sterilization and as a sterilizer.

It was also used in the past in India to treat mental disorders, as it was considered a "brain broom".

The ancient Egyptians used lavender oil in the mummification process, as well as Ibn Sina used it and spoke about it in his well-known book (The Law of Medicine). In Europe, specifically in the 16th century, they believed that wearing a hat made of lavender flowers increases intelligence.

The essential oil of lavender flower has been used for many purposes in alternative medicine, as it is analgesic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.

It is considered an antidepressant, as well as a sedative and a gas repellent, and it was also used as a concealer for scars and wounds and was used as an anesthetic.

As for its use in aromatherapy, it dates back to 1932, and lavender flower oil is currently used in many therapeutic and cosmetic matters.

*** Benefits of lavender flower infusion

Lavender is used in more than one way to stimulate and enhance health, it is possible to use lavender tea to solve digestive problems, as well as lavender has many health benefits such as:

resistance and fight against fungi: Scientific research has reached that lavender flower oil includes essential anti-fungal properties and fungal infection. .

I also found that lavender oil has the ability to kill many strains of fungi that lead to fungal diseases.

Hair loss treatment: Lavender oil has been found to treat alopecia areata. 

And alopecia is the loss of hair in one area of ​​the body, or in more than one area. It has been indicated in a lot of research that the lavender flower has the ability to strengthen.

And strengthening hair growth to reach more than 44% in a period of up to 7 months. 

Wound management: Some of the research has been published in the Journal of Evidence-Based Medicine.

And alternative medicine was conducted on mice, talking about the effect of lavender in the treatment of wounds. 

The results showed that wounds and scars close quickly when using lavender flower oil. 

This indicates the extent of the effect of lavender oil in the treatment of scars and wounds.

Treating stress and anxiety: Some studies have found that the use of a type of capsule made of lavender oil has a calming and de-stressing therapeutic effect. 

The scent of lavender also contributes to helping patients who are experiencing bouts of anxiety or stress.

*** Other benefits of lavender flower infusion

Reducing pain in children after tonsillectomy: Lavender oil is used in aromatherapy as a relief. 

Here are the pain-relieving treatments that are needed when a tonsillectomy is performed, but this effect has not been sufficiently confirmed.

Reducing the emotional symptoms associated with menstruation: Many women, during their childbearing periods, experience symptoms associated with menstruation. 

There is no effective treatment for it and because of this many women use the scent of lavender to relieve symptoms associated with menstruation. 

Sleep aid: Lavender tea is used as a supplement to treat anxiety and stress. And the disturbances that many suffer from in sleeping, as well as stomach disorders.

Reducing the risk of cancer and dementia: The National Cancer Institute has indicated that the use of aromatherapy. 

It can contribute to helping cancer patients relieve their pain and symptoms that accompany treatment.

Also, the receptors responsible for smell can send messages to the brain that can influence mood. 

Lavender can also help patients with dementia, but this effect is still being investigated.

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