Are Diet Drinks Really Good for Weight Loss?

Are Diet Drinks Really Good for Weight Loss?
Are Diet Drinks Really Good for Weight Loss?

There is a huge difference in the opinions of doctors and experts who specialize in weight loss about diet drinks.

There are some of them who have proven that a lot of diet drinks may cause a significant increase in weight and not reduce it, after some studies and scientific research were conducted on all these drinks. They proved that the brain cannot differentiate between sweet taste that comes from natural sugar or what comes from artificial sugar. The brain receives a sweet taste signal when consuming diet drinks, and here the proportion of insulin in the blood rises, making the body need to eat more foods, and the body weight increases.

Researchers have proven a scientific study at the University of Texas that when a person eats one can of sugar-free and calorie-free soft drinks, it increases weight gain and makes the body want to eat foods full of calories and eat sugars at a greater rate. Therefore, the body is 41% more likely to suffer from obesity. Also, these people may be exposed to diabetes.

Another study was conducted on two thousand people, one thousand of them drink diet soft drinks and the other thousand do not. They were followed for ten years and are now 40 years old. After conducting this scientific study, it was proven that diet soft drinks increase the body’s incidence of strokes and reduce the efficiency of blood vessels. People who drink diet soda drinks on a daily basis have an increased incidence of strokes by 48% and vascular diseases at a rate of 61% compared to people who do not. They drink diet sodas.

On the other hand, there are a large number of doctors and specialists who urge to drink diet sodas with a larger amount of water during the diet regimen. An American study, funded by the American Beverage Association, was conducted on a group of women who suffer from excess weight. They were divided into two groups, the first group drank diet soda, and the second group drank water.

After the procedures of this American study over a period of twelve weeks, they noticed that the women who consumed the diet drink lost about 13 pounds of fat. The second group drank water and lost 9 pounds of fat. This study is shocking to everyone, as researchers said that diet soda drinks contribute to dialysis and improve liver function. It reduces the incidence of diabetes, because diet sodas contain few calories, and the soda in them lowers cholesterol levels.

The British newspaper Daily Mail published the details of this American study that conducted this, according to James Hill, Executive Director of the Health Center at the University of Colorado, and said: “This study clearly shows that diet drinks can actually help people more to lose weight. It is This refutes the misconceptions that have prevailed in recent years, which claim that this type of drink increases weight.

He also continued,The fact that we found is that people who drank diet drinks lost more weight. And they consistently reported being less hungry than those who drank water alone.

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