5 important tips before dieting

5 important tips before dieting
5 important tips before dieting

Every woman and girl strives to have the ideal weight in order to appear attractive. She looks for ways to make her lose the extra weight that may cause her embarrassment.

In this regard, women follow many methods of dieting, and they may not work in most cases. So, if you do not follow some of the steps properly, it may prevent you from getting the desired result. There are some tips that must be followed during this period or before the diet, so that your own attempts to lose weight do not fail. This is in addition to exercising while following the diet, as it stimulates the body to burn fat while increasing muscle percentage and metabolic rate.

1- set your goal realistically and positively

You must measure your current weight and know how tall you are in order to determine the amount of excess weight that you seek to lose. This method is known as setting the goal and in turn shows the weight to be obtained. Then comes the way to determine the diet that you prefer to follow to get rid of unwanted weight. It should also specify a time period for that. In addition to setting a specific time to exercise, which in turn works to lose weight and sculpt the body. Be sure to measure your weight every two weeks only so that you can measure real changes in weight.

2 - Make sure to eat breakfast daily

Breakfast should contain the protein in milk, eggs, cheese and yogurt, and the starches in wholemeal bread and oats. After sleeping for a long period of time, the body has burned food to help it obtain the energy responsible for the functioning of the body's functions during sleep, and in the morning the body needs food to begin daily activities. In addition, eating breakfast daily will help you get a high metabolic rate throughout the day. Therefore, breakfast is very important to not feel hungry throughout the work period and to burn fat.

3 - Eating more white meat

White meat is chicken and fish and it is important to eat it during the dieting period. Your body benefits from it because it contains many important compounds such as omega-3 and other energy-rich elements that the body needs. Most of these elements are found in red meat, but this meat is very fatty, so I prefer white meat or vegetable protein, which is found in oats, lentils and legumes.

4-  Eat small meals throughout the day

These small meals serve as bites or small dishes and help you feel full while increasing the body's ability to burn the accumulated fat, and thus get rid of excess weight. Therefore, doctors advise you to eat several small meals from five to six meals throughout the day.

One of these meals should be a large amount of fruits and vegetables because they contain fiber and water that increase the ability to lose weight in addition to feeling full.

 5 -  Reducing the intake of sweets without abstaining from them

Sweets contain a large percentage of sugars and fats that work to gain weight in a short time and also increase the burning of sugar in the blood, which leads to a feeling of hunger. It is recommended to replace sweets with fresh fruits that contain natural sugar and fiber that provide the body with a feeling of satiety, thus increasing the percentage of the body burning the fats in it.

But you should not deprive yourself of anything during the diet, because what is forbidden is desirable and deprivation may lead to you suddenly eating a large number of sugars, causing the diet to fail. So eat sweets once or twice a week in moderation. Prefer dark chocolate, doctors recommend eating a small cube of dark chocolate, during the weight loss period, for its ability to raise the body's burning rate of stored fat.

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