5 daily habits that ensure lasting youth for your skin

5 daily habits that ensure lasting youth for your skin
5 daily habits that ensure lasting youth for your skin

The appearance of wrinkles is one of the aesthetic problems that many women suffer from, especially with age, and scientific studies have proven that the problem of wrinkles is due to some unhealthy habits that affect the youth and attractiveness of the skin.

In this article, Hayat Magazine presents a list of unhealthy habits that you should stop following to enjoy fresh, healthy and wrinkle-free skin in order to maintain the youth of your skin.


Getting enough sleep every day is one of the things that many women neglect as a result of being preoccupied with household and functional tasks. Lack of sleep is one of the reasons that lead to the appearance of wrinkles in the skin. Scientific studies have proven that sleeping for a sufficient number of hours a day provides the skin with the comfort it needs. So make sure to get enough sleep every day to keep your skin youthful.


Exercising is one of the necessary matters on the health and aesthetic level of the body, as exercising gives the skin the flexibility it needs and helps to tighten the skin in a more wonderful way as it works to rid the skin of the toxins it contains and helps burn the fats stored underneath, which gives the skin freshness. And an attractiveness that is hard to compensate for in any other way.

Go out at night

One of the things that lead to the appearance of early wrinkles on the skin is going out during the day and exposing the skin to the unhealthy rays of the sun that are found in the afternoon times, as the sun’s rays at noon cause the appearance of wrinkles because it contains a high percentage of ultraviolet rays, so it is recommended to avoid sunlight at noon And the use of sun protection creams to avoid its dangerous effect on the skin.


Getting used to drinking an appropriate amount of water daily is one of the healthy habits that you should take care of and avoid being behind, as water helps moisturize the skin and wash it from the inside, which provides it with a sure cleanliness of toxins that threaten the beauty and youth of the skin. Water protects against stretching the skin and the appearance of wrinkles. It also helps in many health and aesthetic matters such as cleaning the body from the inside and enhancing the feeling of satiety and losing stored fat in the body, so make sure to eat appropriate amounts of water daily.


Exposure to situations that cause tension and stress for long periods of time is one of the things that cause the appearance of wrinkles in an exaggerated manner and accelerate their appearance, as a scientific study conducted at a German university and published on the German “Gisundheit” website demonstrated that exposure to stress leads to the body’s secretion of the hormone Cortisol, which affects the health and safety of blood pressure, diabetes, and the skin of the body. The secretion of this hormone in the body leads to skin aging and impotence, so be sure to avoid exposure to stress to preserve your skin and its youth.

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