10 foods to get rid of excess belly fat

10 foods to get rid of excess belly fat
10 foods to get rid of excess belly fat

Many people skip breakfast either because they lack time in the early morning before they go to work or school, or because some think it is not essential, and many even think that ignoring it may help in losing weight.

Many people skip breakfast either because they lack time in the early morning before they go to work or school, or because some think it is not essential, and many even think that ignoring it may help in losing weight.

All of the above is a misconception, given the utmost importance of this meal, where breakfast is the most important among other meals, and equally important is the type of food eaten in the morning.

Skipping breakfast is a source of weight gain, since the length of time between dinner and breakfast and skipping the morning meal will overeat the next meal, which leads to weight and fat gain.

Many studies have concluded that a healthy breakfast helps in losing the "rumen" or the extra fat around the abdomen.

A flat stomach is the dream and goal of many dieters and fitness enthusiasts. Doing abdominal exercises helps to strengthen the muscles of the body, but you will not be able to get a flat stomach if you suffer from belly fat or flatulence.

Adding some foods to the diet helps in getting a flat stomach, in addition to exercising, such as cardio exercises, helps reduce fat percentage in the whole body, including the abdomen.

Before you solve the problem of the rumen that always bothers you, you must first know what foods cause it:

There are many foods that cause obesity in general, but for those who suffer from abdominal obesity in particular, this is subject to several factors, including:

1- Types of food that cause obesity in general, and we will mention them below.

2- Genetics, as the form of obesity is often based on genetics. Some people may suffer from obesity in the abdomen, chest, buttocks, or all over the body.

3- Pregnancy and repeated childbirth for women.

4- Sitting for a long time and lack of movement, especially office workers, and so on.

The foods that cause the appearance of the rumen:

1- Excessive consumption of all kinds of fats in cooking, such as oils, ghee and butter. Olive oil is considered the least cholesterol-free, but it is preferable to eat it raw without putting it on the fire.

2- All kinds of fried foods, such as panne, steak, fried fish and French fries. Of course, the intention is to have a lot of them or to be the basis of meals, but eating them once a week is not considered harmful as long as the lifestyle and lifestyle are healthy.

3- Fried and roasted nuts as well, although the fried ones are more harmful. Roasting converts the natural fats in nuts from unsaturated fats to saturated fats, which are harmful fats, and frying adds more fat to them.

4- Refined starches, such as white rice and white flour, and not starches in their natural form, such as barley, wheat, rum, balila, bulgur, and oats.

5- Sugars and sweets of all kinds, such as oriental and western sweets, chocolate, and so on

6- Preserved foods of all kinds, whether sweetened or salted, because they contain sugars, salts and preservatives.

 7- Soft drinks, as they contain a high percentage of sugars, in addition to harmful soda and so on.

Here are 10 types of healthy foods that you can eat any of them for breakfast to get rid of the "rumen"

Foods that keep you from your stomach:


Eating milk 5 times a day helps burn belly fat. If you want to follow a low-calorie diet, you should eat low-fat cheese such as cottage cheese or Quraish cheese and yogurt, and eat low-fat milk 5 times a day. Weight loss and rumen removal are better than 3 large meals a day. the one.

Safflower oil

Adding 8 grams of safflower or safflower oil to the daily diet helps burn belly fat even without making any other important dietary changes. In a study conducted on 55 obese postmenopausal women who took safflower oil daily for 36 weeks, the result was burning a large amount of Body fat and muscle mass boosting. Use safflower oil in pickling or in salads.

Coconut Oil

It was mentioned in a promising study in Brazil that coconut oil works to burn belly fat and remove the rumen, and researchers discovered that taking 30 ml of coconut oil over 12 weeks helped women from 20 to 40 years of age get rid of the rumen compared to the same amount of bean oil soy or other supplements. Use coconut oil on lean meats or vegetables.

Whole grains

Replace refined flour with whole grains to reduce belly fat and get rid of the rumen. In a study conducted on a group of women, some of them replaced white flour products with oatmeal or brown rice, they were able to get rid of the rumen. As for women who continued to eat white flour products as part of a low-calorie diet, they did not They can achieve the same results.

Green tea

When drinking green tea and exercising for 180 minutes a week, it helps to tighten the abdomen, because tea contains catechins and antioxidants that help burn fat in the body and remove the rumen.

Leafy vegetables

Eating leafy vegetables in every meal gives a feeling of satiety for long periods of time and with few calories, and these vegetables include turnip, watercress, lettuce and spinach, which contain many vitamins and do not cause flatulence or flatulence like other vegetables.


A diet rich in protein works to remove the rumen. Studies have shown that women who follow a low-calorie diet rich in protein helped to get rid of the rumen within 12 weeks.

Eating lean protein, such as eating lean meat, skinless chicken breasts and tuna, prevents excessive intake of saturated fats, which disrupts the weight loss process.


Almonds are a light meal and help to feel full and do not contribute to an increase in belly fat. Eating 3 ounces of almonds a day does not cause weight gain. Replace chips with almonds to benefit from nutrients and avoid increasing belly fat.


Oatmeal helps to get rid of the rumen, and within 4 weeks, those who ate oats were able to burn fat in the abdominal area in a large amount compared to those who did not eat cereals despite following a low-calorie diet.

Mediterranean Food

Mediterranean foods such as legumes, seafood, olive oil, fruits and nuts help burn belly fat and remove the rumen, and the diet's containment of unsaturated fatty acids helps in getting a flat stomach.

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