10 benefits of walking meditation

10 benefits of walking meditation
10 benefits of walking meditation

When was the last time you decided to walk meditating slowly without catching a date or quickly in a workout or warm up before going to the gym? Meditation walking is a leisurely walk with calm, relaxation and harmony with the surrounding nature, and it has many benefits related to fitness, digestion and sleep, get to know them.

The benefits of walking meditation

Increased blood flow

Meditation walking helps blood flow, especially to the legs. Meditation walking is often used by people who sit for long periods of time without movement, and helps relieve feelings of stagnation. Walking meditation is also a great way to boost your blood circulation and boost your energy levels if you've been doing sitting for long periods.

Improve digestion

If you complain of indigestion problems, take a meditative walk, after eating, as it is a great way to boost digestion, especially if you feel heavy or full. Movement helps move food through the digestive system and may also prevent constipation and help in an efficient bowel movement.

Treats sleep anxiety

If you're looking to lower your stress levels, you may find it helpful to do a meditation walk. A study in young adults showed that meditation walking was more effective in reducing anxiety symptoms, and participants showed the most significant changes in their anxiety levels.

Improves blood sugar levels and circulation

The practice of walking meditation had a positive effect on blood sugar levels and circulation in people with type 2 diabetes. A study was conducted on a group of people in which they practiced conscious or traditional walking for 30 minutes 3 times a week for 12 weeks. The group showed that The meditating walking group practiced more than the traditional walking group.

Relieves depression

Walking meditation in the sunshine helps get rid of depression. It is important to stay active especially as you age. Regular walking helps boost your fitness levels and improve your mood, both of which are at risk of declining in older adults.

Improves mood

When possible take a walk in nature such as a park or a place with trees as this may enhance your general feelings of well-being and help you feel balanced. Where the practice of bathing in the forests is very popular in Japan because of its positives such as relaxation and increased brain activity. According to a study conducted there, those who walked for 15 minutes in a bamboo forest improved their mood, anxiety levels and blood pressure.

Improves sleep quality

To obtain the benefits of walking meditation, it is not necessary to do it in an intense way. Research has shown that regular moderate exercise of meditation walking has a positive effect on sleep quality. Meditation walking may help improve flexibility and reduce muscle tension. Meditation walking is likely to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. Especially if you take a morning walk, all of these benefits can leave you with a calm and clear mind so you are ready to drift off and sleep deeply every night.

Makes exercise fun

Incorporating the walking aspect of meditation into a fitness routine may make exercise more enjoyable. Researchers found that people who listened to a mindfulness recording while walking for 10 minutes on a treadmill found that they exercised more.

Inspires creativity and creative ideas

Practicing a meditation walk can bring you more clarity and focus on your thinking patterns, which in turn can stimulate your creativity, as most creative and new ideas come better during the meditation walk.

Promotes balance

According to a study of elderly women, walking meditation can encourage better balance, as well as better fitness in the bones of the ankles and legs.

Thus, we reviewed the benefits of meditating walking, so you should set aside time for yourself to be able to meditate walking away from stress and work times for more physical and psychological health and a deep sleep.

10 benefits of walking meditation

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