What is obsessive AIDS?

What is obsessive AIDS?

Some people are subjected to obsessive-compulsive disorder in some matters, so there are those who have obsessive-compulsive disorder about hygiene, or obsessive-compulsive disorder about a particular idea or other things that cause obsessive-compulsive disorder for some groups, and one of the problems that some people may suffer from is AIDS as we will explain to you.

*** AIDS obsessive

 AIDS obsessiveness is defined as the fear and panic that affects some people from contracting AIDS.

Sometimes the patient engages in some behavior that confirms his obsessive compulsive disorder, such as washing hands several times to ensure their cleanliness, frequent visits to the doctor for detection of AIDS, and AIDS obsessive-compulsive disorder, which is one of the common psychological disorders that he suffers from. Some groups, and some negative thoughts appear to them about feelings of fear or others.

*** Causes of obsessive AIDS


1- heredity; This is because heredity plays a major role in acquiring a lot of temperaments and diseases that appear in children as a result of inheritance from parents or grandparents.

2- The presence of a defect in the mechanism of the brain; This is because an imbalance in some of the chemicals found between nerve cells is what triggers the emergence of fear or obsessive AIDS from AIDS.

3- The environment and the surrounding environment of the person may be one of the reasons for the existence of this obsessiveness; Such as the exposure of a person close to a person with AIDS, or the appearance of many accidents in front of his eyes indicating a high rate of people with AIDS, or other things.

*** Symptoms of obsessive AIDS

1 - The emergence of some obsessions and thoughts that confirm that he has this disease, or he recurs in his mind some obsessions that make him practice hygiene excessively, or he goes to the doctor several times to check on his health.

2- Compulsory actions, such as the actions that a person takes to combat and avoid negative thoughts, such as isolating himself from dealing with people for fear of contracting disease, and similar behaviors.

*** Diagnosis of obsessive AIDS

The diagnosis of the patient depends on the psychiatrist who follows up on his condition, because the doctor can, by talking with the patient, know whether the patient has OCD or not.

***Treatment of obsessive AIDS

There are two main methods of treatment:


This type of treatment is carried out by the psychiatrist through cognitive or behavioral therapy through dialogue and discussion with the patient until he is exposed to the obsessions and fears that revolve in his head. The patient finds that he faces these obsessions and resists them and can deal with them without these obsessions affecting his external behavior.

The doctor also explains the nature of AIDS to the patient in some detail, and he explains the picture in a better way to the patient, and that this disease is not infected by touching or shaking hands until the patient is reassured and the severity and obsessiveness of AIDS is reduced.

Drug therapy

Sometimes some medicines are prescribed to patients to get rid of this problem, and among these medicines are antidepressants, sedatives, and other medicines that the patient takes under the supervision of the doctor, but one must be careful not to take these medicines without consulting the specialist, because these medicines are taken for a specific period and in some cases It is possible to integrate more than one path in the treatment to solve the problem of obsessive AIDS in the sick person.

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