The relationship between brisk walking and slow aging

The relationship between brisk walking and slow aging
The relationship between brisk walking and slow aging

The benefits of sports of all kinds, especially walking, which is one of the easiest types, has become known to everyone, and has been documented by multiple medical studies and research from all over the world, and every day we hear about a recent study that adds a new benefit.

In this context, here is a new study confirming that brisk walking, especially for ten minutes a day, reduces biological age and contributes to slow aging. Here are the details.

The relationship between brisk walking and slow aging

In 2019, researchers looked at an interesting study looking at the links between walking speed and health, and showing how walking more slowly in your 40s correlates with biological indicators of accelerated aging, such as lower overall size for the brain.

In the new study, the researchers used genetic data to confirm what they say is a causal link, with lead researcher Tom Yates saying: While we've previously shown that walking pace is a very strong predictor of health, we have not been able to confirm that adopting a brisk walking pace actually leads to health. Better.. In this study we used information from people's genetic profile to show that walking speed likely actually leads to a younger biological life as measured by telomeres, the coverings at the end of chromosomes that protect them from damage, which is why they are the focus of so much attention. From research on the effects of aging.

Benefits of brisk walking

The scientists wrote in their paper that the difference between those classified as walking fast and slow was a 16-year difference, depending on telomere length. A simple way to identify people at greater risk of developing chronic disease or unhealthy aging, and activity intensity may play an important role in improving interventions to improve health.

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