The method of tightening the flabby tummy

The method of tightening the flabby tummy
The method of tightening the flabby tummy

Body contouring

People usually begin to suffer from sagging of the body between the age of 35-40 years, and the reason for sagging skin with age is due to the beginning of the loss of collagen, elastin fiber and hyaluronic acid, which is important for maintaining skin moisture, and weight loss can be significant, rapid or Pregnancy can lead to loosening or sagging of the skin as a result of the expansion of the skin particles or the change in the structure of the skin, and there are other factors that may lead to flabbiness in the skin and body, including interruption of the menstrual cycle in menopause, exposure to ultraviolet rays, drinking alcohol or smoking and others, and people usually want By getting rid of those sagging, from those sagging sagging in the abdominal area, what is the method of tightening the sagging abdomen?

The method of tightening the flabby tummy

The reason for sagging in the abdominal area is often due to pregnancy and childbirth or a significant loss of weight, as these reasons lead to stretching of the skin and thus sagging of the abdominal area, and significant weight loss leads to more sagging in the elderly due to the decrease in collagen with age, and Significantly gaining weight and staying for a long time without losing weight may reduce the chance of the skin returning to its normal state.

Lifestyle modification to tighten the abdomen

It is recommended to follow a healthy lifestyle. The combination of exercise, especially resistance exercises and aerobic exercises, with a healthy diet is a healthy way to lose body fat and thus preserve the abdominal area from sagging, as there is a great impact of sports and nutrition on the elasticity of the skin, and there are certain exercises to tighten and strengthen the area Abdominal exercises, exercises must be of a certain intensity and exhausting in order to train all the muscles in the body, by practicing stretching, flexion and rotation exercises to train the main muscles and reach all muscle groups.

Abdominal tightening surgery

The method of tightening the sagging abdomen through a surgical operation is one of the ways that doctors resort to to get rid of excess skin and thus tighten the area, as it is called skin excision or body contouring, operations that are often performed on the abdomen, arms or thighs, and are It is performed by plastic surgeons, and these operations require general anesthesia for the body as a result of the large incisions included in these operations, and it is also of high cost, and the doctor does not remove sagging skin from more than one or two areas at the same time, it may take months or Years to tighten all desired areas of the body.

Use of cosmetic skin tightening products

There are products that are used to tighten loose skin in a simple way, they are skin patches, gels or creams that are placed on the loose skin, and it is preferable that the products contain retinoids, where it is recommended to search for products that contain these compounds, as these compounds are considered As an antioxidant that may boost collagen production, these products may provide effective results but you need to continue to see results, however cosmetic experts do not consider them sufficiently effective as they may not be penetrated into the skin deep enough to remove sagging skin.

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