Symptoms of pancreatitis

Symptoms of pancreatitis
Symptoms of pancreatitis


The pancreas is one of the important organs in the digestive system, and it can be defined as a long, flat gland located behind the stomach in the upper abdomen, and works mainly to produce enzymes that help digestion, and hormones that regulate the way sugar is processed in the body, such as insulin, and lies The mechanism of pancreatitis occurs when digestive enzymes are stimulated while they are in the pancreas, which leads to irritation of the pancreas and the occurrence of acute inflammation, and repeated episodes of inflammation lead to fibrosis in the cells of the pancreas and the formation of a chronic type of pancreatitis with the formation of scars, which lose the function of the pancreas, And it caused digestion problems and diabetes, and in this article, the most prominent symptoms of pancreatitis will be mentioned.

Symptoms of pancreatitis

 Symptoms of pancreatitis vary according to the type of inflammation, but the two types share common symptoms that indicate the presence of this disease, whether acute or chronic, and one of the most important symptoms of inflammation is pain in the upper abdomen area from the left side, and the auxiliary factors that lead to inflammation vary between Harmful daily habits such as alcohol abuse, smoking, and physical factors such as weight gain and others, and the following are the most prominent symptoms of acute and chronic pancreatitis.

Symptoms of acute pancreatitis

Acute inflammation of the pancreas is defined as a rapid, painful inflammation, sometimes leading to death, and at other times being of a moderate nature, in which case it is cured without the need for medication, and one of the most important causes of acute inflammation of the pancreas is gallstones, which Symptoms occur very quickly. As for the symptoms caused by consuming alcohol in large quantities, they begin to appear after several days, and the following are the most prominent symptoms:

Symptoms begin with pain in the middle area of ​​the upper abdomen from the right side, and the pain increases with time until it turns into a constant ache, and over time the pain begins to spread to the back area, and its intensity increases with eating, or when coughing, sudden strong movements, and breathing the deep.

  • It is possible for the patient to take the fetal position, as it helps reduce pain.

  •  nausea;

  •  vomiting;

  •  Anorexia .

  •  Feeling of pain and cramping when touching the abdomen.

  •  high temperature;

  •  High or low blood pressure, sometimes causing fainting.

  • Symptoms of chronic pancreatitis

It can be said that chronic pancreatitis is a complication of acute inflammation, if treated, and the continuity of inflammation over months or years, which leads to scarring and permanent damage, including the formation of calcium stones and cysts containing an abscess in the pancreas, which leads to blockage of the duct and tubes. Which carries pancreatic enzymes to the stomach, and thus it is difficult to digest food and the process of regulating blood sugar deteriorates, due to a lack of production of the hormones responsible for this, which leads to malnutrition and diabetes. The following are the most prominent symptoms of chronic pancreatitis:

  • Pain in the upper abdomen.

  •  Diarrhea.

  •  Oily, loose, pale stools.

  •  Vomiting and nausea.

  •  Interrupted breathing.

  •  Losing weight without a valid health reason.

  •  Excessive thirst and fatigue.

More severe symptoms over time, such as accumulation of pancreatic fluid in the abdomen, with the formation of internal bleeding, intestinal obstruction, pain that increases with time for hours or even days, and yellowing in the eye area and skin.

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