Information about Samsung

Information about Samsung
Information about Samsung

Electronics and its development

Electronics is one of the most important technological developments spread globally, as it is used in most businesses as one of the most important ways to store information and get work done within a short time through a computer, which is one of the most important examples of electronics, and it consists of a set of integrated circuits that work on processing and employing data Digital, and also relies in its work on electric current with fixed and variable frequencies, in addition to a group of component parts for electronic devices such as capacitors and electrical resistors, and one of the most important companies specialized in the field of electronics and manufactured by the Korean company Samsung, and in this article will focus on Samsung.

Samsung Company

Samsung is one of the most important companies specialized in the field of electronics manufacturing and development. It is a South Korean multinational company. It is one of the most important technological expansion companies with branches in 58 countries around the world. The number of Samsung employees is approximately 66000 employees around the world. Samsung has emerged as a major player in the world's electronics industry since its inception. Today, Samsung Electronics has more than 25 production centers in the world, in addition to 59 sales branches in more than 46 countries, which contribute to the production of the latest digital innovations in the world. Electronics is currently the largest manufacturer of computer screens in the world, and Samsung operates on the basis of the concept of convergence and the digital economy, which depends on the manufacture of devices associated with digital networks such as home electronics, office and corporate devices, mobile devices and computers, and Samsung's activity is not limited only to manufacturing Mobile phones and electronic household gadgets, but has research and innovations in several technological areas.

Samsung's founding

Samsung was established on March 1, 1938 AD in Daegu, South Korea, as it was a small export company, starting with 30,000 won. In 1969 AD, Samsung began entering the world of electronic industries, which is the field in which it specialized, to become one of the major companies in South Korea, which contributes to the country’s economic growth by 20%, and with the beginning of 1969 AD, Samsung began making radios and transistors, and the name Samsung was launched On the Korean company in the middle of 1969 AD, and in 1981 AD, Samsung began manufacturing a DRAM system, and it achieved great success in this specialty. A year later, Samsung became the third worldwide manufacturer of DRAM systems, and in 1988, Samsung launched The first mobile phone for sale in the South Korean market, and in a short period of time, Samsung was able to develop in the field of technology to become one of the largest global companies, in the field of electronics manufacturing so far.

Samsung founder

 The Korean company Samsung was founded in March of the year 1938 by the Korean businessman Ie Byung-chul and writes in English lee Byung Chull. He did not complete his studies in it due to the death of his father at that time, and then returned to the South Korean capital, Seoul, to start his work through a rice mill and named it Samsung, which means three stars, which is the official logo of the Korean Samsung company, and I Byung-chul began to develop business and increase sales. The company began in 1945 AD by transporting goods from South Korea to other countries around the world, after which the first official branch of Samsung was established in the South Korean capital, Seoul in 1947 AD, and at the beginning of 1950 Samsung became one of the most important Korean companies, where It became one of the top 10 companies in South Korea, and founder of Samsung Ae Byung-chul passed away after a struggle with illness on November 19, 1987, leaving behind a great technological legacy.

What are networks?

Networks are one of the most important branches of digital communication science and it is called in English networks, which specializes in exchanging a set of data, information, resources and data available to the network. Computer networks depend on the protocol system, which is a set of steps used to achieve communication between computers on the network or between different networks. Television, satellite, radio stations, mobile phone networks, and one of the most important types of networks used for television is the ABC network, and one of the most important companies that rely on digital networks in their industries is the Korean company Samsung.

Samsung property

Since the beginning of Samsung's entry into the field of electronic industries in 1969 AD, the company has sought global technological expansion, as it has become one of the largest global companies in the field of technology and electronics, and Samsung has been able to own the best names, brands and companies in the world, and the following are mentioned the most important trade names Companies owned by Samsung:

AdGear: Samsung Electronics' largest digital advertising technology company since 2016, established in Canada in 2008, is the first official advertising technology provider to the Government of Canada.

Joyent Corporation: An IT services and technology company owned by the Korean company Samsung since 2016, established in San Francisco and in 2004, it specializes in virtual application systems and computing.

LoopPay Company: It is one of the most important companies specialized in mobile payment systems owned by the Korean company Samsung, established in 2006 in the United States of America.

Novaled Company: It is one of the companies specialized in the OLED system. It was established in 2001 in the Republic of Germany and is one of the companies owned by the Korean Samsung Company since 2013 AD.

Simpress Company: It is one of the most important companies working in the field of LED screens industry. It was established in the United States of America and it is a subsidiary of Samsung.

SmartThings: It is one of the most important American IT companies, established in 2014 and is a subsidiary of the Korean Samsung.

Prismview Company: It is one of the companies that specializes in the manufacture of LED screens, and it is an American company owned by the Korean company Samsung in 2015 AD.

Samsung Medical Center

 Samsung Medical Center is one of the most important branches of the Korean company, Samsung Medical Center was established in 1994 and soon the center developed and became one of the most important centers that include the standards of the World Health Organization, which it still maintains today. The hospital includes 40 departments, and it has The center’s facilities are equipped with very advanced equipment and devices. The most important examples of these devices are the 32-channel spiral MRI and the CT scanning device called the Somatom device, in addition to the image transmission and archiving system that guarantees the highest level of medical care. The center has the latest types of infrastructure Infrastructure and a cadre of distinguished medical staff who do their best to provide the patient with comprehensive first-class medical care, and Samsung donates about 100 million USD annually to Samsung Medical Center, in order to ensure the provision of the best services in addition to access to the highest levels of technological development required by In order to treat patients and achieve the best results.

smart phones

The smartphone, which is called in English the Smartphone, is one of the most important global technological developments, and it is a category of modern mobile phones that use an advanced operating system, most of which use a touch screen as a user interface and run a group of diverse and famous applications such as WhatsApp and Facebook, and the Samsung phone is considered One of the most important and first phones that operate with smart systems, as Samsung smart devices run on a system called Android, and smart phones are no different from portable computers, as all smart devices consist of two complementary parts to each other, namely the main or structural components, which is the physical part that can be touched, and the software components It is the software part of the device that depends on a specific operating system, and among the most important operating systems used in smart devices is the Android system, which is adopted by the Korean company Samsung in its phones, and the iOS system, which is an operating system belonging to the American company Apple.

What is the user interface ?

The user interface is the visual part that displays computer programs and applications, or programs and applications on operating systems through which the user interacts with the computer or smart phones. To implement a function and display its results on the screen, the user interface contains a set of media and programs through which users interact with the computer, smartphones or operating systems. The user interfaces are: commands, which are a set of icons for executing programs, menus, which are a set of commands that are displayed on the screen, and the graphical user interface through which the user can select the icons that appear on the screen.

Samsung Telecom

Samsung Communications is one of the five most important business units of Samsung Corporation. These units consist of the Communications and Mobile Phones Division, the Computer Division, the Mobile Solution Center, and telecommunications systems. Samsung Communications specializes in the production of Samsung's range of smart phones, mp3 players, And tablets, and Samsung’s sales in the telecommunications sector are among the best sales around the world, as Samsung is famous for its smart phones, which operate with systems and high efficiency, and among the most important series of smart phones belonging to Samsung is the Samsung Galaxy phone, which works with various Android systems, where the Galaxy series contains a group A variety of smartphones that differ in terms of specifications and capabilities, where the Korean company Samsung annually releases new versions of the Galaxy series, where each new version of this series contains better competencies and features than previous versions such as speed, internal memory and camera quality.

What is the Android system?

Android is a free and open source system based on the Linux kernel. It was founded by the American company Google in California, which bought it from the main developers of the system in the year 2005, while the official announcement was on November 5 of the year 2007. The Android system was established through Four people are the co-founder Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears and Chris White, who is responsible for the design of user interfaces. Google Play Store, which contains nearly one million applications, and the number of downloads from it annually exceeds 30 billion downloads, and the Android system supports SMS and multiple applications and contains all popular human languages, and the Android system provides a strong protection system, as it has many antivirus programs and programs Anti-theft of phones, and one of the most important features of the Android system is that it is a free system available to all.

Samsung customers

The Korean company Samsung is one of the largest companies in the manufacturing sector in the field of electronics and technological development, and therefore the company always aims to increase its customers around the world, by following a set of methods that contribute to increasing the demand for customers to deal with the company, and the following is a mention of the most important customers of Samsung:

Royal Dutch Shell: It is called in English Royal Dutch Shell, a multinational oil company that began to be established in Britain and the Netherlands in 1907 AD, and the headquarters of the company is located in the Netherlands, The Hague.

United Arab Emirates: One of the most important subsidiary companies of Samsung in the United Arab Emirates is Korea Electric Power Corporation, and Samsung is currently seeking to build a nuclear power plant in the Emirates.

Ontario government: Samsung has invested in renewable energy projects in Ontario, as a $6.6 billion deal was signed between the Ontario government and Samsung for the provision of a certain number of megawatts of solar and renewable electric power.

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