Incredible benefits of apples on an empty stomach

Incredible benefits of apples on an empty stomach
Incredible benefits of apples on an empty stomach


Apples are rich in antioxidants and soluble fiber, and they have many health benefits. And since they are rich in soluble and insoluble fibers that are excellent for intestinal transit, eating apples before a meal helps cleanse the digestive system. The protection afforded by the fiber will lock out cholesterol, sugars, and toxins from the meal. Here are the benefits of apples on an empty stomach, the most important of which is to support the body with a dose of vitamins and minerals:

Apple is the champion of vitamins

Apple fruit allows you to replenish your energy. It contains, in fact, different types of vitamins: - Vitamin C (the most numerous with an average of 3.3 mg per 100 g). B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12). - Vitamin E. - Pro-vitamin A (carotene). However, the content of these nutrients may vary depending on the type of apple. Vitamin C is concentrated in the apple peel. It contains 4 to 6 times more than the pulp of the fruit. So, clean it well and don't hesitate to eat the whole apple.

Good source of minerals

Quenches thirst, apples contain between 84 and 86 grams of water per 100 grams. It contains many minerals and trace elements. Most notably: potassium (123 mg / 100 grams) contributes to the expulsion of toxins through the urine, phosphorous, calcium and magnesium, which are present in good quantities and play various roles for healthy bones and teeth, activating hormones, and fighting cancer... Zinc, manganese, iron and selenium are present in small quantities, but Necessary for the functioning of body cells.

Apple is an ideal fruit for a weight loss diet

Apples are low in calories (between 50 and 70 kcal/100 g, depending on the variety). It can be taken regularly and help you control or lose weight, if you are on a diet. Admittedly, this fruit contains a lot of carbohydrates (10g/100g), but they are slowly digested by the body and sustainably quelled hunger. In the morning or afternoon, feel free to bite into an apple. Its saturating effect reduces cravings for snacks: the pectin it contains becomes saturated with water, and slows down the emptying of the stomach by forming a thick gelatinous substance that absorbs part of the fat to get rid of it, thus reducing its absorption by the body. Follow more: The benefits of strawberries for women..a healthy ally par excellence

Apples to regulate transit and aid digestion

This fruit is rich in fiber (2.4g/100g), which contributes to the proper functioning of the intestine and prevents transit disorders. Whether you are bothered by constipation or diarrhea, the fiber in apples can help. Either they absorb excess water in the intestines, thus stimulating digestion, or they absorb water from the stool to slow down the intestines. This benefit may be especially useful in the case of irritable bowel syndrome.

Apple for heart health

Soluble fiber found in apples binds to fats in the intestines. The result: a decrease in the level of harmful LDL cholesterol thanks to the procyanidins (tannins that have antioxidant properties) and catechins, healthy arteries and a healthy heart.

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