How is abdominal liposuction done?

How is abdominal liposuction done?
How is abdominal liposuction done?


Liposuction is a surgical procedure used to remove fat from different areas of the body, such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms, neck, etc. It is worth noting that liposuction is not an alternative to losing weight through diet in conjunction with exercise or through treatment processes Obesity is like gastro-intestinal bypass surgery, but it is a way to reduce the concentrated fatty content in one of the aforementioned areas and which is difficult to get rid of by natural methods. In this article, we will discuss how to remove fat from the abdomen.

How to liposuction from the abdomen

It should be noted that the method of liposuction from the abdomen is similar or almost identical to the method of liposuction from the body areas that were mentioned previously, and this liposuction is performed in a doctor’s office or a center specialized in obesity surgery, provided that the standards are available in each clinic or center The professional required from public safety and others, and usually the immediate exit from the clinic or the place of surgery and going home without any complications in the case of simple suction removal, but in cases of large liposuction, it should be performed in the hospital and overnight stay until it is ascertained that there are no complications .

Before starting the liposuction process, the doctor usually determines the areas to be suctioned from  such as the abdomen in this case  by taking several pictures for later use in making comparisons before and after the procedure, then the doctor puts the process under complete clinical anesthesia or sometimes it is sufficient With local anesthesia, depending on the evaluation of the case, and there are a group of methods that can be used in liposuction, which will be reviewed as follows:

Injection liposuction: In this method, a sterile solution is injected into the area to be liposuction, which consists of salt water with lidocaine and epinephrine, and this makes liposuction less painful and less bleeding, and this method is one of the most common methods ever.

Ultrasound liposuction: In this method, ultrasound waves are used under the skin to break up the walls of fat cells, and then they are suctioned through a thin tube.

Laser liposuction: a laser is used in this method in order to liquefy fat, thus facilitating its suction through a special tube.

It is worth noting that the doctor may ask the patient to wear a tight or compressed garment on the skin for a period of up to one or two months to avoid any cases of swelling, and in some cases, some antibiotics should be taken to avoid any infections.

Liposuction complications

After discussing how to liposuction in general, including how to liposuction from the abdomen, it is necessary to discuss the possible complications of this surgical procedure, and the following is a review of a group of complications that result from how to liposuction from the abdomen or from any other area:

Numbness: which is a feeling of numbness and numbness in the area where the operation was performed, and this numbness is often temporary and in rare cases it can become permanent.

Fluid accumulation: This is the accumulation of fluids under the skin in the area where the operation was performed.

Skin contracture: This is when the skin becomes wavy or rough in the suction area.

Other rare complications: such as infection in the liposuction area, in addition to cases of puncturing the area where the suction is performed due to the wrong use of the suction tube, in addition to cases of fatty embolism due to the separation of a piece of fat during suction and its entrapment in one of the blood vessels and its transfer to lungs or to the brain afterwards.

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