Helpful tips for dealing with menopause

Helpful tips for dealing with menopause
Helpful tips for dealing with menopause


When does menstruation stop in women?

Menopause or menopause is known as menopause, which is the period that indicates the end of the menstrual cycle after 12 months have passed without menstruation, as it is possible for a woman to go through menopause in her forties or fifties, and entering menopause is one of the stages The natural biology of the woman’s body, and it is accompanied by some symptoms, the most famous of which is hot flashes that affect sleep efficiency, in addition to the confusion of emotions due to the emotional symptoms of menopause, but there are many treatments used to ensure the effective passage of the menopause period, so treatments start from changing lifestyle to treatment In this article, you will learn useful tips in dealing with menopause.

Menopause symptoms.

What are the physical and mental changes that result in the appearance of menopausal symptoms?

Before getting to know useful tips in dealing with menopause, the most important symptoms accompanying it must be mentioned. It is normal for some physical and mental changes to occur that result in the emergence of these symptoms, in addition to that some of these symptoms may begin to appear before the menopause, and some continue after the menopause, Symptoms of menopause or perimenopause include the following:

Infertility: When a woman approaches menopause, the estrogen hormone begins to decline, which contributes to reducing the chances of pregnancy and childbearing.

Irregular menstruation: It is one of the first signs of an approaching menopause, and it may also indicate pregnancy or the presence of some health problems, so you should visit your doctor in case of any changes in your menstrual cycle.

Vaginal dryness: Vaginal dryness begins in the period before menopause and continues after it, and vaginal dryness is accompanied by itching and discomfort, especially during sexual intercourse, in addition to that in cases of any skin injury, the chances of infection increase, and the vagina can be moisturized to reduce the associated problems. Vaginal dryness.

Hot flashes: a sudden feeling of heat and it is common in the first year after menopause but may last for 14 years after menopause, and the heat is in the upper part of the body, which causes sweating, red spots appear on the skin, and some women also suffer from cold flashes or goosebumps.

Sleeping problems: This symptom appears as a result of night sweats due to hot flashes, anxiety, and the need to urinate a lot. These problems can also be solved if you do some exercise and refrain from eating heavy meals before going to sleep.

Emotional changes: a woman who enters menopause suffers from anxiety, depression, moods, and crying spells, and these changes may be due to not taking enough sleep, decreased sexual desire, or lack of fertility, and some cases may even commit suicide due to depression resulting from menopause .

Helpful tips for dealing with menopause

Are moods related to menopause?

It was also mentioned in the introduction that the article will focus on providing useful advice in dealing with menopause, as there are many important tips, including the following:

Knowing how to reduce hot flashes: Everything that triggers hot flashes must be written down and known. It can be the result of caffeine, alcohol, or being in a hot room. If hot flashes appear, it must be dealt with by taking a deep breath slowly through the nose and slowly exiting the mouth.

Reducing night sweats: When hot flashes appear at night, they may last for about 3 minutes, which leads to discomfort during sleep, but there are some ways to deal with this problem, which are as follows; You should wear a heavy flannel with light pajamas, and then put a bag of freezers under the pillow and then turn the pillow over to the cold side. It is also important to choose a light cover and keep a fan next to the bed.

Improving sleep efficiency: Yoga and Taichi exercises may help with meditation and concentration, and it is useful to have a glass of milk before bed because it contains a substance that helps in relaxation.

Helping body changes: We also mentioned that hormonal changes may make the vagina dry, which contributes to the presence of pain in the sexual relationship, so it is possible to moisturize the area, apply moisturizing creams after consulting a doctor, or take pills for vaginal dryness and painful sex, and moreover, the sexual relationship must be continued, which It improves blood flow to the area.

Control of mood changes: The menopause may be linked to moods, as is the case with a bad menstrual cycle, as women suffer from mood swings due to the fluctuation of hormones, and this problem can be addressed through the practice of yoga, tai chi, and in the event of a lack of response, one must go for good, it can be done Dispensing low-dose contraceptives, or antidepressants.

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