Do beets change the color of stool and urine?

Do beets change the color of stool and urine?

Do beets change the color of stool and urine?
Do beets change the color of stool and urine?

*** Does beetroot change the color of stool?

Yes, the pigments it contains are red, as all the cells in the beetroot contain a group of powerful antioxidants.

A group of scientists belonging to both the Universities of Bologna and Urbino, located in Italy, recently discovered, through a group of laboratory studies, that the substance betalain in it works to kill colon cancer cells.

It is not clear to us what happens to betalain inside the body. A group of researchers at the University of Edinburgh, located in the United Kingdom, found a link between oxalic acid, as it is the main component of kidney stones and beetroot.

There is a belief that the red pigments cause disintegration in the stomach and colon, and in the case of high levels of oxalic acid, there is a retention of red color and this may be a reason for the appearance of red poop in people who do not have problems from beeturia.

Also, oxalic acid is present in many foods such as cocoa, rhubarb and spinach, and when eaten next to beets, it may leave a redness on the stool in the event that people are not accustomed to eating them together.

The effect of red urine resulting from eating beets is not clear. Scientists speculate that patients are in a state of failure and inability to absorb the red pigments and thus are excreted in the urine and feces, which is mostly harmless.

The incidence of beeturia is almost low in the general population, but it can be observed clearly in those who suffer from iron deficiency, it may reach eighty percent in people with anemia who are not undergoing treatment.

As for the normal rate for people who take iron supplements, it reaches forty-five percent, and this is a good percentage, and there is a report specialized in the case of the Journal of Current Surgery, in which Dr. Zakaria Suleiman, one of the specialists in the Department of Surgery at Canberra Hospital in Australia, explained that bacteria may cause exaggerated and unnecessary concern. It leads them to carry out expensive investigations.

In the event that you are on your first walk with beeturia, you should speak to a specialist and there is no need to worry about iron levels.

*** Does beetroot change the color of urine?

The color of urine may become dark red or light pink due to eating beet juice made from raw beets, and the color of urine may turn to bright red or pink if beets are eaten while they are boiled.

The reason for the appearance of the red color on the beet is that it contains the compound betalain, in the event that the body is unable to break down these pigments, so it goes directly to the kidney and is thus lost in the form of pink or red urine.

This is considered a side effect of beets, but it is not harmful, although it causes panic and anxiety if it continues for more than eight hours after you stop eating beets.

In the event that there is a decrease in iron levels in the body and a decrease in red blood cells that transport oxygen to the rest of the body, this may be the reason for the appearance of red or pink color on the urine.

It may be a sign of liver disease or severe dehydration and the accumulation of bilirubin. In the event that stomach acids are not good at absorbing a group of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, it will be difficult to benefit from betalain.

Therefore, it will be passed in the urine, and if you have symptoms of bloating, constipation or the presence of gases, may God be evidence of a low level of stomach acid.

The presence of red blood cells may lead to the presence of red color on the urine, and this means that there are problems with both the kidneys, kidneys, or urinary tract problems.

May God be poisoned as a result of mercury or lead and this is severe poisoning, a group of tiring exercises such as running for very long distances may cause bleeding in the land, and in the case of old age, tumors in the kidneys or bladder are very common, and prostate enlargement in men results in the appearance of blood in urine.

*** Health benefits of beets

It includes many plant compounds that benefit the body, reduce inflammation and protect cells from damage, in addition to a host of other benefits:

Increases stamina

The beetroot and its juice help the heart and lungs to work more efficiently during exercise. In addition to the nitric oxide from beets increasing blood flow to the muscles, a group of athletes take beetroot in case of exercise to improve their performance.

Preventing heart disease and stroke

It has a large proportion of folic or vitamin B9, which in turn helps cells to grow and improve their functions, as they have control over damage to blood vessels and thus reduce the risks of these diseases.

Low blood pressure

It contains high levels of nitrates that turn into nitric oxide inside the body, and this is a compound of the cycle of lowering blood pressure by being one of the reasons that lead to the relaxation and expansion of blood vessels.

Boost the immune system

The fiber found in beets promotes the growth of good bacteria in the intestines, which in turn, fights diseases, strengthens the immune system, improves digestion and reduces the chances of constipation.

*** Damage from beetroot on the kidneys

It provides the body with folic acid, manganese, vitamin C, vitamin and potassium, in the event that you do not have kidney stones, it does not pose any danger to your health.

But if you are prone to developing kidney stones that contain oxalate, beets, beet greens, and beetroot powder may pose a danger to you and increase problems because they contain a very high level of oxalate, which increases the chances of kidney stones.

There is a report of a case in which it was said that pickle juice has beneficial effects in the case of tingling or numbness in the hands. It was previously said by a group of readers that there are two types of pickle juice that contribute to alleviating the impact of leg or foot cramps.

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