Definition of cardiorespiratory fitness its importance and its foundations

Definition of cardiorespiratory fitness its importance and its foundations
Definition of cardiorespiratory fitness its importance and its foundations

*** Definition of cardiorespiratory fitness

Cardiorespiratory fitness has been defined by the Sports Medicine Manual as one of the most important things that make up physiological fitness, which is closely related to the supply of oxygen to the respiratory and circulatory systems of the body when a person performs prolonged and continuous physical exertion.

Scientists have confirmed that respiratory fitness depends on a set of unchangeable factors, no matter what happens, such as age and gender, in addition to genetic factors and genes, although some consider it one of the most important factors and indicators that determine the extent of physical activity, and it is an effective factor in determining The relationship between health and physical activity.

Accordingly, physical health experts confirmed that the indicators of obesity in the abdominal or waist area and cardiorespiratory fitness indirectly indicate the existence of several links between abdominal obesity and physical activity.

Measuring cardiorespiratory fitness is very important and necessary because it provides an important way to diagnose a range of health problems that the body may suffer from. It also helps to measure the amount of effort that an individual can do, in addition to measuring the intensity and strength of exercise that can It is performed by the individual, because the body needs a large amount of oxygen when performing exercise, in addition to a certain level of carbon dioxide and lactic acid (metabolic waste products resulting from exercise), and the body continues to deplete oxygen until it reaches a certain amount of effort that will stop Therefore, we find that the higher the level of cardiorespiratory fitness is regular and better for the individual, the longer the duration of exercise is also.

Among the most important activities that develop cardiorespiratory fitness are walking, swimming, cycling in addition to running.

*** Basics of cardiorespiratory fitness

There are a number of foundations on which cardiorespiratory fitness depends, which are as follows:

Genetic factors .

the age .


*** The importance of cardiorespiratory fitness

Cardio-respiratory fitness refers to the levels of physical fitness as well as the respiratory health of humans in general, and not only people who exercise constantly. The human heart’s endurance of hardship and great effort indicates that this person can withstand strenuous exercise for a long time.

Sometimes most people want to develop and improve physical fitness and cardiorespiratory fitness so that they can lose weight, because the regular practice of physical exercises contributes greatly to burning a large proportion of fat and calories.

People trying to lose weight may want to focus on increasing their cardiorespiratory endurance because doing high-intensity aerobic activities can help a person burn more calories, and there is a lot of research and studies showing how cardiorespiratory fitness is measured and the benefits and importance of improving cardiorespiratory fitness. Respiratory, including the following:-

A study conducted in 2017 indicated that the group of people who do more exercise and have high cardiorespiratory fitness capabilities, these people are the least vulnerable to high blood pressure, unlike people who have low cardiorespiratory fitness.

The other study was conducted in 2015 on a number of people aged 59 to 80 years, where researchers found that these people have a positive relationship between the level of cardio-respiratory fitness and their multitasking performance, and another study conducted in the same year proved that improving cardiac fitness Respiratory function helps reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and the number of deaths as well.

*** Benefits of improving cardiorespiratory fitness

It is known that improving cardiorespiratory fitness contributes significantly to an increase in respiratory rate and heart rate, when exercising, and this makes young people who do not suffer from any diseases able to use cardiorespiratory fitness to improve their muscular endurance, as well as improve their lifestyle and achieve the necessary balance in their lives .

There is a set of exercises and movements that have a significant role in improving the psychological fitness of the heart, such as running for strong distances, cycling, swimming, brisk walking, and jumping over a rope. The most important benefits of these exercises are:

Improve heart and lung health.

Keep the blood pumping regularly in the body and blood vessels.

Regression of mean resting heart rate.

Reducing the risk of developing peripheral arterial disease.

Make the bones more strong.

Giving the body more energy by utilizing the fat accumulated in the abdomen.

Giving the body greater ability to withstand pain and stress, which increases the period of exercise.

Make the body get the necessary rest, whether it is performing light or strenuous exercises.

Reducing the risk of some diseases that exhaust the body, the most important of which are obesity, heart disease, some types of cancer, stroke, high blood pressure, in addition to type 2 diabetes.

***Ways to improve cardiorespiratory fitness

There are a range of ways to improve respiratory fitness. When a person fails to determine their performance on a cardiovascular fitness test, there is no need to worry as they can estimate and measure their fitness by their level of daily physical activity.

Therefore, we find that exercising on a daily basis is much better than exercising over long periods, and it is desirable before exercising by people who suffer from heart and lung diseases to refer to the doctor before trying to improve cardiorespiratory fitness.

At the time when a person is in good health immediately, he can exercise and enhance his cardio-respiratory fitness, as well as exercise for beginners, whether in the club or at home, whether walking, running or other sports that promote physical health.

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