chinese acupuncture for weight loss

chinese acupuncture for weight loss
chinese acupuncture for weight loss

Do you suffer from obesity and would like to try acupuncture to help your weight loss? Read the following article to learn about the role of Chinese needles for slimming.

Chinese needles are one of the ancient complementary treatments whose principle of action depends on pricking certain areas of the body with small, thin needles aimed at regulating the flow of energy in the body, which helps to solve some health problems and relieve pain and may have a role in weight loss as well. For slimming:

*** What is the truth about the benefits of Chinese needles for slimming?

In fact, it is not possible to be certain about the role of Chinese needles as the only treatment in losing weight and getting rid of obesity with certainty, as most studies related to this show that Chinese needles help in slimming when tried with other traditional methods of slimming such as exercising and following a diet, so its role is to promote weight loss. Weighing in cooperation with traditional methods, so it is okay to try it if there are no contraindications to it.

*** The role of Chinese needles for slimming.

Acupuncture sessions may help lose weight and contribute to solving the problem of obesity in some people through the following methods:

1. Help to regulate metabolism

Chinese needles may help regulate and enhance metabolism in the body, by regulating the digestive process and some hormones such as insulin and other hormones, which contribute to accelerating the process of burning fat.

2. Effect on appetite hormones

Acupuncture sessions help to suppress appetite and regulate digestion by stimulating the hormone ghrelin, which is responsible for controlling appetite, and leptin, which is responsible for the process of storing fat and also which contributes to slimming and weight loss.

3. Effect on mood and stress hormones

Chinese needles can help lose weight by affecting the level of cortisol, a hormone whose levels rise in cases of stress and anxiety, and its increase leads to weight gain. Chinese needles help reduce the level of this hormone, which contributes to reducing obesity.

On the other hand, the benefits of Chinese needles for slimming may be achieved by stimulating the nervous system to secrete endorphins, which in turn contribute to suppressing appetite and improving mood.

*** Studies on Chinese acupuncture for slimming

Including the following:

A study conducted on 80 obese people indicated the role of acupuncture in cooperation with a low-calorie diet in losing weight, in addition to its role in inhibiting inflammation in the body as well, after the sessions were conducted over a period of 3-6 months.

Another 2017 study found the role of acupuncture in the area behind the ear in the treatment of obesity in 50 women, as it was found to be effective in reducing their weight and lowering their body mass index, reducing the percentage of stored fat, and reducing both waist and pelvic circumferences.

*** Chinese needles for weight loss.

Chinese needles are often safe treatments with few collateral damage, but some warnings about acupuncture must be addressed, including the following:

1. Side effects of Chinese needles

These are possible minor effects, including:

Pain at the site of the needle stick.

Minor bleeding or bruising at the needle prick site.

Infection in cases where sterilization is not carried out.

2. Chinese needles are prohibited

In some cases, medical advice is necessary before performing acupuncture, as it may be prohibited in the following cases:

Having hemorrhagic diseases or taking diluted medications: the risk of bleeding may increase for them.

Pregnancy: so that it prevents acupuncture in certain areas of the pregnant woman, it may stimulate premature birth.

Installing a pacemaker: the needles may affect the device’s work.

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