Causes of constipation in pregnancy

Causes of constipation in pregnancy
Causes of constipation in pregnancy

Constipation during pregnancy

 The problem of constipation is very common in pregnant women, because the large increase in the hormone progesterone during pregnancy leads to the relaxation of the muscles of the body, including the muscles of the intestines, which leads to reduced bowel movement, which leads to constipation, so it is recommended to increase foods that contain fiber, and drink Adequate amounts of water during the day, because it helps maintain bowel movement, and it is recommended to increase the number of meals per day to five small meals, and it is advised to maintain appropriate exercise such as walking thirty minutes three times a week, and you may sometimes need to use laxatives, and it is advised Consult a doctor when feeling dizziness, nausea, stomach pain, etc., and in this article the causes of constipation in a pregnant woman will be mentioned.

Causes of constipation in pregnancy

The causes of constipation in a pregnant woman vary depending on the time of its occurrence. Relief in the stomach, or it may lead to problems with excretory, and the following is a statement of the causes of constipation in a pregnant woman:

Hormonal changes during pregnancy

 The hormonal changes that occur in the first trimester of pregnancy may lead to constipation, because, as previously mentioned, the increase in progesterone leads to a relaxation in the muscles in the intestines, which leads to constipation, and because hormonal changes affect the bowel movement and reduce it, which leads to an increase in the amount of water Which is absorbed by the colon, which affects the stool to be hard, dry and difficult to get out of the body, leading to constipation, and constipation for long periods of time may cause stool impaction in the body, which may need to be removed by the doctor.

Vitamins during pregnancy you need pregnant

 To take many vitamins during pregnancy, and because the possibility of iron deficiency anemia is very high, doctors usually prescribe vitamins that contain enough iron to compensate for the deficiency, and one of the common side effects of iron is constipation and stool color change to black. The iron on pregnant women is greatly affected and led to severe constipation. The doctor may prescribe some appropriate laxatives during pregnancy to solve the problem. It is also recommended to take iron on an empty stomach in order to improve the absorption of iron from the stomach. Some doctors may advise using vitamin C with iron to improve its absorption, and it is advised to stay away Avoid foods that contain calcium, because calcium binds with iron and reduces its absorption. It is not recommended to take iron with foods that contain high amounts of fiber or caffeine.

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