Zelensky talks about talks with Russia and sends a message to Biden

Zelensky talks about talks with Russia and sends a message to Biden
Zelensky talks about talks with Russia and sends a message to Biden

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that  as long as Moscow's attacks on Ukrainian cities continue, there will be little progress in talks between the two countries. 

In a rare exclusive interview with Reuters and CNN from a cellar inside a heavily guarded government compound in the capital, Kyiv, and leading his army from it, Zelensky said Everyone should stop fighting and Russia should return to that point from which it started.  Five or six days ago.

And on Monday, talks, the first of their kind since the start of the Russian invasion, were held between two delegations from the two countries in a border area with Belarus, which did not yield tangible results, while the Russian side said that another round of talks would be held tomorrow, Wednesday, while the Ukrainian side did not confirm this. after.

 I think there are basic things that you can do, if you do this, and this side does that, that means they are ready for peace. If they are (not ready), then you are just wasting time Zelensky said.

Asked if he felt Ukraine was wasting its time talking to Russia, he said:  We'll see. 

Zelensky urged his US counterpart, Joe Biden, to deliver a strong and helpful  message about the Russian invasion in his State of the Union address on Tuesday night.

Zelensky won universal acclaim for standing up to the Russian invasion, after rejecting offers of surrender, and instead sent frequent, courageous messages to his people urging them to stand firm.

Earlier on Tuesday, Zelensky was given a standing ovation after an impressive video-conference with the European Parliament, telling delegates:  We are fighting for our lives. 

Asked by CNN about his transformation from comedian to wartime leader, Zelensky replied:  It's very dangerous, this is not a movie I created, I think Ukraine is the creator. 

 Ukraine is the heart of Europe, and now I think that Europe sees Ukraine as something special for this world, that's why the world cannot lose this special thing  he added.

New strikes rocked Kyiv on Tuesday, as Russia ramped up its assault on the capital and other key sites.

The Ukrainian leader appeared tired and stressed, but was friendly with the crews of  CNN  and Reuters, and revealed that he had not seen his family for three days.

Zelensky urged NATO members to impose a no-fly zone to stop the Russian air force, saying this would be a precautionary measure and not intended to drag the alliance into war with Russia.

Zelensky said on Monday that it was time for the West to consider imposing a no-fly zone for Russian planes, missiles and helicopters, against the backdrop of the Russian bombing of the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv.

But British Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab on Tuesday rejected calls for NATO to impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine, saying the decision risks widening the war by putting the alliance in direct conflict with Russian forces.

A senior Pentagon official confirmed that  the imposition of a no-fly zone will put us at war, and this will not happen  noting that  President Biden was clear that American forces would not fight in Ukraine. 

Zelensky said Ukraine would demand legally binding security guarantees if NATO closed the door to Ukraine's membership prospects.


Russian forces surrender and disable their armor to avoid fighting in Ukraine


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