When do you need to visit a psychiatrist? How do you choose the best doctor?


Psychiatrist  I am sick and I need a psychiatrist  is a sentence you might say to yourself daily, noting any psychological or behavioral changes that occur to you and prevent you from practicing your life normally, so you feel that you are inside a vicious circle that you cannot get out of and lose control over all aspects of your life, and here comes your need for Medical assistance to get you out of it and overcome the mental illness you suffer from, but not everyone who experiences negative feelings needs a doctor. Find out how to choose the best psychiatrist to go to.

When do you need to visit a psychiatrist?

Not all feelings of distress or temporary sadness that you experience due to a specific event or situation require you to go to a psychiatrist. There are signs and symptoms that occur as a result of psychological and behavioral changes that warn you of the beginning of a deterioration in your psychological condition and the impact on your life and the need for medical help to overcome them, including:

1. To suffer from stress or anxiety:

I am always nervous and I don’t know the reason.  A sentence that you may feel daily. Life and some difficult situations in it may expose you to a continuous state of tension and anxiety for no apparent reason, resulting in permanent isolation and withdrawal from social activities, and may result in physical symptoms that include shortness of breath, a rise in Heartbeat, headache, which requires you to go to a psychiatrist to help you know the causes and overcome those thoughts that control you.

2. You no longer enjoy your usual activities.

Loss of passion in the practice of daily life is one of the symptoms of depression, because of which you suffer from a state of frustration, permanent despair, a feeling of helplessness, inability or desire to live life, in addition to your failure to control your emotions and this may develop to reach your thoughts of suicide and this continues For long periods of time, you need medical intervention to overcome these feelings and help you think positively.

3. Suffering from a phobia:

We all have a phobia of something, whether it is insects, heights, narrow places, but when this phobia develops to affect your life and prevent you from doing your work normally and accompanied by fainting and shortness of breath, you need medical help to overcome it, and there are some types of phobias that are not It has a basis of health, such as the phobia of eating, which is known as chronic obstruction of appetite, which has serious health effects, which requires medical intervention to treat and control these fears.

4. Do drugs:

 I am not an addict, I am just a drug user and I can control If you use drugs or alcohol irregularly, you may think that you are in control and live normally, but in fact, substance abuse is a symptom and warning that there is another psychological disorder with which you need to go To a psychiatrist to help you treat it.

5. Prefer solitude and social withdrawal:

 If circumstances lead you to give a speech in front of a number of people, or if you are invited to a wedding and you refuse to do so and feel extreme panic, then this is not an introversion, but rather one of the symptoms of social phobia that generates a state of fear in the public and with which you prefer to withdraw from social activities as a result of a loss of self-confidence and the presence of fears that are not It has a foundation of health controlling you.

6. You have changes in appetite:

If you notice yourself overeating or losing your appetite completely for long periods of time, unlike your usual and without a known physical reason, then you are suffering from psychological problems that have affected your appetite, you may be stress that you escape from by resorting to food to distract your mind from those thoughts that chase you and get relaxation.

7. Suffering from insomnia or sleeping for long periods:

Dr. Friedman, a specialist in psychiatry, says that mental health problems greatly affect sleep. People who suffer from anxiety tend more to be unable to sleep and insomnia for long periods. On the contrary, depressed patients notice that they sleep for long hours, so if you notice yourself that Change in sleeping habits, it's time to start thinking about seeing a psychiatrist.

8. You cannot have healthy relationships.

Your relationship with those around you is a mirror of your mental health. If you have relationships in which you do not feel safe and cannot express yourself through them, or relationships in which you depend and depend on the other party for emotional support, you also suffer from difficulty in forming relationships with colleagues or bosses And you get into constant conflicts and the inability to communicate with them, so you need a psychiatrist to help you learn social skills that help you express your feelings, learn rejection and set limits for the relationships that surround you.

9. She had trauma in the past.

If your childhood was traumatic as a result of sexual or physical abuse or a harsh childhood in the past whose memories keep haunting you and you have not fully recovered from them, you need psychological therapy sessions in which you discuss your painful feelings and experiences with people who have experience hearing those problems without judgment. This will help you change Ways to reflect on the traumatic event you experienced and thus mitigate its effects on you.

10. Suffering from physical pain for no reason:

Contrary to what is common, there is a great correlation between the psychological state and body pain. When you suffer from severe pain for which you do not know a physical cause, it is often the psychological factor behind it that affects the nervous system and vital body systems, causing  headache, rapid heartbeat, weak immunity, infections  Chronic  then you need to seek help from a psychiatrist.

11. Sex or Masturbation Addiction:

In the event that you are under stress, you have a feeling of tension, and then you start looking for a way to relax that helps you forget the feelings of despair, anxiety, depression, agitation, so you will find in front of you only another orgasm that will forget those negative feelings of sex or masturbation to the point of addiction. , requires with her to seek help to treat that attachment and rehabilitate you behaviorally.

How to choose the best psychiatrist?

The first step on the road to recovery is to get a good doctor, but this requires you to take into account some of the factors recommended by psychiatrists that help you find the right doctor, including:

1. Ask your close friends:

We know that the idea of ​​someone knowing that you see a psychiatrist may not be comfortable for you, so choose the friends you trust and think about and ask them about their knowledge of a suitable psychiatrist they can recommend for you.

2. Search the Internet:

Use the search engines to find out about psychiatrists located near your area and the options you are looking for will be filtered to find the right doctor.

3. Make your choices and talk to them:

Before you go to the doctor, specify your options from the doctors and contact each of them and find out the cost of treatment and the duration of the sessions, and choose the most suitable for you.

4. Make sure the doctor combines psychotherapy and medication:

The doctor must combine different treatment methods, whether drug treatment programs, psychological therapy sessions and behavioral rehabilitation, and not rely on drug therapy only and focus more on the application of psychological treatment techniques because they are the main focus in the treatment process.

5. Experience:

Make sure that the doctor has extensive experience in psychotherapy and has multiple experiences in treating your disorder and its symptoms so that you can ensure that the treatment is effective and the diagnosis is correct.

6. He listens to you and feels comfortable.

The doctor must provide you with an atmosphere of comfort and calm during the treatment session, and be fully focused with you and enjoy a high listening to everything you say so that he can understand your feelings and psychological problems well and develop solutions for them.

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