WhatsApp surprises everyone... with 7 amazing features in 2022

WhatsApp surprises everyone... with 7 amazing features in 2022

WhatsApp surprises everyone... with 7 amazing features in 2022
WhatsApp surprises everyone... with 7 amazing features in 2022

Since the beginning of 2022, the  WhatsApp  application has added many services in an attempt to make the experience of using it more easy and comfortable, in light of the raging competition with other applications.

In this context, technical news reports stated that WhatsApp is currently working on adding new features to phones running  iOS  and  Android  and testing them before its official launch.

 (WABetaInfo), a technical news website that tracks WhatsApp developments, said that the advantages are already in the beta version, and among these advantages are:

Admins delete members' messages: Group admins will be able to delete messages written by members, which gives moderators more power over group conversations especially to delete inappropriate messages, and the person concerned will notice  admin deleted this message  message.

Two-step verification for  WhatsApp on the computer: The instant communication application seeks to enhance the security of  WhatsApp  users via computers (WhatsApp Desktop), by going through two steps to verify the identity of the user, provided that this feature will be optional and the user can use it or ignore it.

It can be obtained by going to Settings, then Account, then Security, where the expected feature will be there.

And the two steps required are not the six-digit code that arrives via a text message to the phone to register in the application.

Interact with messages such as Facebook and  Instagram : The new service allows users to interact with other people’s messages such as social networking applications, so that it takes no more than clicking on the message to be replied to, and then dragging the finger to choose the appropriate emoticon (emoji) . This command will appear under the text and group members will see it.

Animated emoji symbols: The application works to add emoji (emoji) for users of  Android and iOS phones, bearing in mind that the symbols currently available are limited and are limited to the red heart.

Restrict who can see user status: This feature provides users with more privacy, as they will be able to limit the list of users who will be able to see their shared status updates.

Media messages and status together: The famous instant communication application works on a service that allows users to share photos and videos with others and put them in their own status in the same step, unlike what is currently in place.

Contact info search shortcut: There will be a new search shortcut to the contact info section that will be redesigned, and a new search shortcut will be added next to the video call icon.

The user will be able to see the new shortcut in the group information section as well, in order to find any message you sent or received more easily.

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