What is the relationship between daytime naps and Alzheimer's disease?

What is the relationship between daytime naps and Alzheimer's disease?
What is the relationship between daytime naps and Alzheimer's disease?

Napping is one of the types of short-term sleep that occurs during the day in the middle of the day, and many specialist doctors advise taking a daily nap because of its many benefits on public health and the cause of brain health.

However, a new study noted that napping can increase the risk of Alzheimer's disease, which affects the brain, so how is that?

 *** Naps and Alzheimer's disease

A new scientific study revealed that taking long naps during the day may lead to accelerated aging and Alzheimer’s disease, because naps should be of short duration, and that increasing the duration of naps over time is associated with a greater chance of mild cognitive impairment, and scientists believe that it is likely to be Excessive naps are an early warning sign, not cause mental decline.

 Long naps may be a sign of accelerating aging, and if you're not in the habit of taking naps and notice that you're starting to feel more sleepy in the day, it may be  said study author Dr. Yu Ling, an assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco. A sign of deteriorating cognitive health.

 ***Damages of long naps

Scientists tracked more than 1,000 people over several years. Each year, participants wore a watch-like movement-tracking device for up to 14 days, and each extended period of inactivity from 9am to 7pm was interpreted as a snooze .

Also, participants underwent tests to assess cognition each year. At the start of the study, 76% of the participants had no cognitive impairment, 20% had mild cognitive impairment, and 4% had Alzheimer's disease.

For participants who did not develop cognitive impairment, their daily daytime naps increased by an average of 11 minutes per year, the rate of increase doubled after a diagnosis of MCI, to a total of 42 minutes, and nearly tripled to a total of 68 minutes after the Alzheimer's diagnosis.

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