Washington calls for Russia to be expelled from the Human Rights Council

Washington calls for Russia to be expelled from the Human Rights Council
Washington calls for Russia to be expelled from the Human Rights Council

The United States urged on Tuesday to expel Russia from the Human Rights Council, as Russia's invasion of Ukraine continues for a sixth consecutive day, with serious violations.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken told a meeting of the UN Human Rights Council One can ask, in fairness, whether a UN member country is trying to seize power in another UN member country, committing horrific human rights abuses and causing In a massive humanitarian crisis, if she should be allowed to remain on this Council. 

 The principles that lie at the core of the work of the Human Rights Council and the United Nations as a whole are being challenged Blinken noted.

 During this meeting of ours, Russia is launching a premeditated and unprovoked attack on Ukraine, violating international law and the basic principles of international peace and security, and creating a major humanitarian crisis  he said.

 Russian strikes daily target schools, hospitals and apartment buildings. They destroy vital infrastructure that supplies millions of people across Ukraine with drinking water, gas to prevent them from freezing to death, and electricity. Even civilian buses, cars and even ambulances are being bombed he added.

Blinken stressed that  we must send a unified and firm message that Russia must stop its war on Ukraine without any condition, and we must prevent Russia's attempts to market its aggression as protection of human rights. 

Blinken urged the council to condemn Russian President Vladimir Putin's stated attempt to bring down a democratic government.

 If Putin succeeds in his stated goal of overthrowing Ukraine’s democratically elected government, human rights abuses will worsen  he said.  Look at Crimea, where the Russian occupation has occurred through judicial killings, enforced disappearances, torture, arbitrary detention, persecution of ethnic and religious minorities, and brutal suppression of dissent.  referring to the arrest of thousands inside Russia for expressing their opinion that they are against the war.


Kharkiv.. Russian soldiers captured by Ukrainian forces


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