Warning .. 3 fatal mistakes that prevent weight loss

Warning .. 3 fatal mistakes that prevent weight loss
Warning .. 3 fatal mistakes that prevent weight loss

The process of getting rid of excess weight is very cumbersome, and it actually takes a very long time, and if the person in question is weak, he will be quickly disappointed, if there is no tangible development.

4 health experts say to (shefinds) website that there are common mistakes made by people who initiate to lose weight through physical exercises in the gyms, as they focus on one aspect and neglect the other.

There are 3 prominent errors in this framework, which are as follows:

Ignoring meals: One of the common mistakes made by overweight people is to neglect the food aspect in the process of losing this weight.

Therefore, skipping meals such as breakfast is counterproductive while losing weight.

The most negative result is weight loss in the short term, then the person returns to eating what he was previously deprived of, eliminating all his achievements.

What is required, according to experts, is that the phase of weight loss be healthy and gradual consistent with the lifestyle, provided that the matter is continuous and not one time.

 Excessive calorie restriction: Calories are necessary to know how much nutrients you consume during a certain period, and although this helps in weight loss, many people overdo it.

Experts say that it is counterproductive in the event of exaggeration, if a person restricts calories too much, your body will slow down the metabolism and resist weight loss, which means that the body will enter into a mode of starvation and keep fat.

One of the main ways to solve this problem is to stop drinking soft drinks and replace them with drinking water and black tea.

Give up as results slow down: Weight loss is a long-term process, and some may stop exercising quickly, if they don't see a visible change in their body.

The solution, experts say, is to continue at a slow and steady pace, and to set a realistic weight loss goal, such as losing a kilogram per week.

The delay in the reduction process is due to many reasons, including that the body has just begun to adapt to the new situation, which consists of exercise and a healthy diet, and coordination with a nutritionist may be required.

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