The Pentagon: Kherson did not fall and the Russian nuclear provocation is unacceptable

The Pentagon: Kherson did not fall and the Russian nuclear provocation is unacceptable
The Pentagon: Kherson did not fall and the Russian nuclear provocation is unacceptable

On Wednesday, the US Department of Defense criticized Russia's escalation of its nuclear rhetoric, while saying that the information about the fall of the Ukrainian city of Kherson in the hands of the Russians was incorrect, and stressed that the Russians were facing logistical difficulties  as well as  the courage and ferocity of the Ukrainians. 

 There is significant Ukrainian resistance to the Russian forces in Kherson despite the continuous Russian bombing  the ministry's spokesman, John Kirby, said in a press conference.

Kirby added that the Russian forces' declaration of control of Kherson was  incorrect  stressing that the town was still witnessing clashes and that the Ukrainians were resisting and making a real difference on the ground. 

Kirby said that  the Russian forces stopped and did not advance towards Kyiv, and the Russian military convoy on the outskirts is facing logistical difficulties  adding that  the Russian forces are facing many obstacles, and the Ukrainians are slowing their progress noting that there are abandoned Russian military vehicles and problems with fuel and food supplies. 

The US defense spokesman revealed that the Russians are repositioning themselves and trying to reconsider the delay in their military operations against the Ukrainian resistance. 

Kirby called on Moscow to  reduce its rhetoric on the nuclear situation. 

He stressed that the United States postponed the launch of a precision-guided ballistic missile to confirm that its nuclear force was responsible  and said that  Russia's provocations regarding its nuclear arsenal are unacceptable. 

Kirby promised that Putin put the nuclear deterrent forces on alert a dangerous, irresponsible and not justified step  stressing We are confident about our strategic position and our ability to defend ourselves and our allies. 

But he said that Washington had  no intention of engaging in any actions that could be misunderstood with regard to nuclear readiness  and that it had not taken any nuclear steps similar to what Putin announced, warning that  Russia's nuclear readiness will have repercussions. 

Russia has launched a large-scale military operation in Ukraine seven days ago, and announced that it had taken control of the Ukrainian city of Kherson, but this announcement was met with skepticism.

Russia has introduced a large number of armored vehicles and military vehicles into the country, and tens of thousands of soldiers, but the Ukrainian resistance seems fierce and has managed to inflict losses on the attacking forces.

On the fourth day of the attack, as a result of successive Western sanctions, Moscow said it had put its nuclear deterrent  force on standby, sparking tension around the world.


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