Study shows the effect of obesity on lifespan

Study shows the effect of obesity on lifespan
Study shows the effect of obesity on lifespan

After being classified as an independent disease with causes, symptoms, complications and treatment methods, many studies are now looking at its impact on public health as a whole, and from time to time a medical study reveals new harm to it, the last of which is what was stated in the following study, which links obesity and age, so how that?

Study shows the effect of obesity on lifespan


*** Obesity and short life

Obesity at each stage of life has a different impact, and with regard to the middle age, which is the stage in which obesity occurs more, so the effect of obesity may be greater, and a study published in the British Daily Mail reported that obesity in middle age Reduces up to five years of life.

Scientists who followed nearly 30,000 people for up to 50 years found that those at a healthy weight died at an average age of 83.2.

 The study revealed that those who were obese - a quarter of adults in the UK, and nearly half of those in the US - lost nearly two years of life.

Researchers from Northwestern University in Chicago didn't break down deaths by cause, but they did note that obese people are more likely to develop comorbidities.

*** Disadvantages of obesity

Being overweight and obese leads to inflammation and fatty deposits in the arteries, which puts stress on the heart and other vital organs.

The team confirmed that obesity can reduce life expectancy by a decade, as the team in Chicago collected medical insurance data from 29,000 people over the age of 65 years, researchers found that the more obese a person, the average Its life expectancy is shorter.

The study, published in the journal JAMA Network Open, said obese and overweight people had more years of disease, which is the years they lived in poor health.  

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