Spring is approaching .. get ready for allergy season

Spring is approaching .. get ready for allergy season
Spring is approaching .. get ready for allergy season

With the advent of spring, allergy rates increase, Dr. says. Mark Corbett, president of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, said: Covid-19 is still on people's minds if they have a cold or allergy, especially since springtime allergies are coming and a constant nuisance, but if you focus on the epidemic, it's still a lot of fun. It can surprise you, and people may not think about allergies during the spring, so symptoms can creep up on them. 

Corbett stresses that one of the most important spring allergy control tools is to overcome symptoms, taking special allergy medications two to three weeks before itching and sneezing start naturally, and that due to climate change symptoms appear earlier than usual.

He adds that there are similar symptoms between "Covid-19" and spring allergies, such as coughing, fatigue and headache.

Corbett compares both the symptoms of "Omicron" and spring allergies, as "Omicron" causes congestion  runny nose  sneezing, postnasal drainage, symptoms of sinusitis and fever  which are primary in the symptoms of "Omicron"  while allergies rarely cause fever.

 If you think you might have the virus, get tested as soon as possible,” he says. If it's not the coronavirus and symptoms persist for a while, you should get a seasonal allergy test. It is important to know what triggers your allergens so that you can treat them properly. 

 If you tend to open your windows to bring fresh spring air into your home or car, it might be a bad idea if you have allergies he explains.  Instead, you should use the air conditioner in your home and car to keep illness at bay 

He stressed the need to see an allergist early in the season. Your doctor can offer a number of ways to treat your allergy symptoms. One of the best treatments is immunotherapy, which uses injections or pills to target your specific allergens and can significantly reduce the severity of your symptoms. Allergy injections and tablets can prevent the development of asthma in some children with seasonal allergies.

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