Separating Russia from the global Internet .. Why is it not a good idea?

Separating Russia from the global Internet .. Why is it not a good idea?
Separating Russia from the global Internet .. Why is it not a good idea?

The Ukrainian government has succeeded in lobbying major technology platforms over the past week to rethink their dealings with Russia in light of the large-scale attack on Kyiv, but is now calling for Moscow to be disconnected from the global Internet, which some experts see as a  risky idea.

Some responded to the calls of the Ukrainian government, as social media companies reduced the access of Russian state-backed media and their propaganda, while Apple announced that it would stop selling its products and imposed restrictions on the use of the Apple Pay service in Russia, as part of sanctions, and blocked some applications of Russian news organizations. From the App Store outside Russia.

Last week, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Mikhailo Fedorov called on Apple to  isolate Russia from its products, services and the App Store He said he was  sure that such measures will motivate the youth and citizens of Russia to take action to stop the shameful military aggression against Ukraine.

Google has also suspended its services for querying Google Maps traffic data in Ukraine.

But Ukraine is now pushing for something more dramatic, which could have serious repercussions, according to CNN.

On Monday, the Ukrainian government called for Russia to be cut off from the global Internet, and has already sent a letter to ICANN, the US-based international non-profit organization that oversees the Global System of Internet Domain Names and IP Addresses.

ICANN, which represents the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, is one of the many global institutions that help direct and monitor the development of the Internet, and it operates largely on the basis of consensus, and its members include not only governments but also civil society groups and technical experts. .

In the event that this Ukrainian request is responded to and implemented, Russia will be effectively disconnected from the Internet, as email addresses will stop working and Internet users will not be able to log in, according to what  CNN  reports on Internet experts.

But the same experts doubt that Ukraine's demand will be met in the end, because it would set a dangerous precedent, and it is not clear whether ICANN could take such a decision, even if some wanted it.

Experts also suggest that isolating Russia from the rest of the digital world may give the Kremlin exactly what it wants: that its citizens are unable to access external information, leaving them under the control of an internal disinformation machine.

Governments such as China have previously sought to isolate their people from the outside digital world.

Some find it easy to implement, including Mallory Nodel, chief technology officer at the Center for Democracy and Technology, a US-based think tank, who notes that removing Russian IP addresses would be tantamount to removing the nail that keeps the painting hanging on the wall. l Which will lead to the disappearance of Russian sites from the Internet because there is no place designated to stay in them, even if through smartphones.

But Nodel sees the idea of ​​Ukraine as risky .

At the same time, she said, this plan would be harmful to Russians who rely on these security features for their safety, especially dissidents and dissidents.

She noted that Russia and China are also actively building their own domestic versions of the Internet that can be more easily controlled, and  implementing a plan has given Russia what it wants, a more flexible online audience that cannot access foreign information. 

 Russia has been trying for a long time to figure out how to break away from the global Internet and create its own version, and one of the main things standing in the way of doing that is the global domain name system  she added.


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