Macron explains the reason for staying in contact with Putin

Macron explains the reason for staying in contact with Putin
Macron explains the reason for staying in contact with Putin

French President Emmanuel Macron confirmed, on Wednesday, his intention to  keep in touch  with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, with the aim of  convincing him to give up arms after Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

 I chose to stay in contact, as much as I can and as necessary, with President Putin to seek relentlessly to persuade him to lay down arms  and to avoid the conflict spreading and widening as much as we can  the French president said in a televised address.

He added Russia is not under aggression, it is the aggressor This war is not a conflict between NATO and Russia Not to mention fighting Nazism this is a lie. 

 We are not at war against Russia  he said, stressing Today, we are on the side of all the Russians who refuse to wage an unjust war in their name and have a sense of responsibility and the courage to defend peace. 

 We all know what connects us with this great European people, with the Russian people who made great sacrifices during the Second World War to save Europe from hell  the French president added.

On the other hand, Macron said that the informal European summit to be held on March 10-11 in Versailles will have to make a decision  on the new economic model of the European Union made necessary by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

 To this brutal return to the tragic events in history, we must respond with historical decisions Europe has already shown its unity and determination. It has entered a new era  he said.

He said that the informal European summit organized at Versailles, near Paris in the framework of the French rotating presidency, will have to take decisions on  the strategy of European independence in the field of energy   and European defence. 

He explained I will defend the European energy independence strategy  because we are no longer able to rely on others, especially on Russian gas, for transportation, heating and operating our factories. 

This summit was to focus on the  European Model for Growth and Investment 2030  following the broad recovery plan launched by the European Union in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis.

Macron said that Europe  must agree from now on to pay the price of peace, freedom and democracy. It must invest more to reduce dependence on other continents and be able to make its own decisions, in other words, strengthen its independence and sovereignty. 


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