How to boost immunity against corona according to the World Health Organization ?

How to boost immunity against corona according to the World Health Organization ?
How to boost immunity against corona according to the World Health Organization ?

Despite the high number of people who received Corona vaccines in the world, there are several countries that are still suffering from high numbers of infection, and the rest of the countries record numbers that are not small, due to the emergence of several mutations of the Corona virus.

In this context, the World Health Organization has clarified that there is an important way that contributes to raising the body's immunity against the Corona virus and its mutations, and it is in the following.

*** How to boost immunity against corona

Dr Soumya Swaminathan, chief scientist at the World Health Organization, says that when the body is exposed to a new virus such as SARS-CoV-2, which has never been seen before, the immune system is activated and many reactions begin, among which the first and fastest response is to produce Antibodies, along with this, also deliver messages to other parts of the immune system so that T cells, or the cell's immune response, are also activated.

Ultimately, what happens is that if the body's immune response is strong, it can beat the virus and eliminate the infection. It also develops a memory response so that the next time the body sees the same virus, it is able to respond more quickly because the body's memory B cells and T cells are able to recognize and respond. Therefore, reference is made extensively and frequently to antibodies, as they are an important part of the immune system, which ensures the human being in a good health condition.

 *** Importance of Corona Vaccines

Dr. Swaminathan added that the way vaccines work, an astonishing innovation of the 20th century, is by mimicking an organism, virus or bacteria. This is how the thorny protein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus is taken and turned into a vaccine. Of course, many know that there are different types of mRNA vaccines and vaccines directed at inactivated (or inactivated) viruses, all of which lead to the same results in a safe way in the body.

Thus the immune response generated is very similar to the immune response to a natural infection. However, in most cases, vaccines are a safer way to stimulate the immune system.

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