How many followers to earn from Tik Tok? And how to calculate the points

How many followers to earn from Tik Tok?
How many followers to earn from Tik Tok?

*** The number of followers to earn from Tik Tok

Social media influencers can make big money on platforms like Tik Tok, Instagram and YouTube, but it all depends on followers and views, while big stars like The Rock and Cristiano Ronaldo, who have the most From 200 million Instagram followers, they can earn more than $1 million per post, according to Instagram analysis tool company Hopper HQ. Every day influencers don't need as many followers as possible to make some money.

*** How to calculate profit points from Tik Tok

According to the new "social salary" calculator from music licensing platform, here's how many followers you need on Tik Tok, Instagram and YouTube, to earn $100,000 in earnings. To calculate the estimates, I used Lickd. co” data from YouTube Money Calculator, Creator Agency SevenSix’s Influencer Pricing Report, on “How many followers do you need on TikTok to get paid.

It largely depends on the type of content that the content creators provide, but if you have more than 100,000 followers, and you have good marketing skills and knowledge for example, you can communicate with advertisers about the content of your videos, you can expect a certain number between 500 And 5000 thousand dollars per month, and the reason for the big difference between these two numbers lies in the difference in the profit of each content from the other, the country, viewers, products and more.

*** Terms of profit from Tik Tok

You must have 3 basic conditions before you think about making money from the Tik Tok program in order to be able to profit, and they are as follows:

Presenting engaging, interesting and quality content.

You must have a very large number of followers (at least 10,000 followers).

You must have accounts on other platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and Facebook to expand your social network and ensure that you do not lose followers in case of any malfunctions in Tik Tok.

Since Tik Tok is one of the most popular apps in the world today, advertisers are willing to pay huge amounts to display their brand to a small audience especially if the company does not have a huge budget, and that is why they are turning to social media to promote and sell their products.

Deals also range from 50 to 150 thousand dollars for the most famous accounts in “Tik Tok”, and sometimes the amount is higher according to the number of views, as “Tik Tok” profits largely depend on the strength of the influence of the person or account, and to learn how to make great profits from Tik Tok.

*** How to profit and earn money from the Tik Tok program

Profit and earn money from the Tik Tok program is done through the following:

Content creator funding

Tik Tok has launched a profitable program for content creators.

*** Promote products and services

You can earn a lot of money by dealing with branded companies and persuading followers to buy their products, and it should be noted that this method is the most widespread and most profitable on Tick Tok and Instagram and requires real followers in a relatively large number or a high-quality audience even if it is small They are intended for high quality, the videos posted may contain viral, that is, it spreads quickly, and the revenue is usually very large and can reach hundreds of dollars or even thousands per day.

*** Profit by Affiliate

You can sell products from other companies and brands and get a commission through your TikTok platform, with the same idea as before but in this case you will not get a commission if someone does not buy through you via the conversion link provided by the sales platform, and this method is more convenient If you have a very large number of followers on the condition that you get a huge discount on any product that you want to sell through you, then your followers will be tempted to buy.

Earning money through affiliate marketing or affiliate marketing is a great science in itself and requires a lot of effort from you, but its profit is often very useful, and what distinguishes the commission partner is that the offer and the added value that you provide on the product gives a great boost in the purchase process, in addition to Marketing process.

*** Sell your own products

Also you can sell your own products like selling clothes with a photo or signature and you can choose the price you want and increase it as sales increase but you have to prepare all the questions regarding the way to deliver the products and deliver them to the customers and this way you can profit when you become famous in Tik Tok because it requires building a reputation and even a name You can sell your products.

*** Live broadcast

You can also earn money through live broadcasts, as there are many fans willing to pay during the broadcast and buy gifts that you can convert into real money after deducting the Tick Tok commission, although this method is usually for beginners, many people on Tik Tok They use it, and one of the negative results of this method is that it is huge and the return is relatively low, and many consider it a kind of electronic beggary.

*** Promote other channels

You can make big money by promoting other Tik Tok channels after pre-agreeing and getting commission, and considering the experiences of others in benefiting from promoting other people’s channels, you can get $100-200 if you have more than 100,000 followers.

*** loss

You can sell your account for a lot of money if you have a large number of followers, although in the short term you will earn a large amount but in the medium and long term you will lose a large amount of money or a gain from Tik Tok that would have been made.

*** How much money do you earn from Tik Tok?

One of the most important questions asked by many around the world is the amount of income from Tik Tok or what is the income of the channel owners on Tik Tok, and the answer to this question is a bit complicated and depends largely on the type of content provided by the owners of the video, but if you have more than 100,000 Followers and you have good marketing skills and knowledge, i.e. you can communicate with advertisers about the content of the videos you provide, you can expect a number between 500 and 5000 thousand dollars a month, and the reason for the big difference between the two lies in the different profits for each content from the post office, the state, viewers, producers, etc. .

*** How to get followers on Tik Tok

Choose the correct username, as the name should be easy so that followers can remember it easily, and the same name should be used on all social media platforms for easy access.

Show your identity from your profile, you should make your profile attractive and visible by highlighting your identity and explaining to your target audience why they sign up for your site, and don't forget that users have a first impression of you on your profile.

Understand your audience, ask yourself why users might want to track your account exclusively among millions of other accounts.

Provide recognizable content, for example if you have a specific and known talent you can offer or if you don't have a talent you can make your content comedic as a fun joke or you can provide useful, motivational, inspirational content or anything else that adds value to your content .

Be careful, especially new users who do not have enough experience, because you should not indicate all personal data in a Tik Tok profile as details about where you live.

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