Golden tips for mothers to avoid mental disorders in 2022

Golden tips for mothers to avoid mental disorders in 2022
Golden tips for mothers to avoid mental disorders in 2022

Motherhood is one of the innate things that distinguishes women, and the mother is responsible for raising and caring for the child since his birth. Mental.

In this spirit, and coinciding with International Mother's Day and the month of March, which is International Women's Day, we offer important tips for women that enhance their mental health.

Golden tips for mothers to avoid mental disorders

Mental health is closely related to physical health, so the mother should follow a healthy lifestyle as much as possible in terms of adequate sleep and good nutrition.

Practicing sports or any physical activities that would contribute to relieving life stresses that may affect mental health and lead to disorders.

The mother should allocate a time-out for herself, choosing a quiet place, whether inside or outside the house, and dedicate this time to clear the mind and restore calm.

The mother’s neglect of her physical health leads to mental illness, so she should visit the doctor periodically to perform the necessary medical examinations, and not neglect any indication or health symptom.

Incitement to practice hobbies or favorite things, and not to leave them if they existed before marriage or childbearing, as these things enhance self-confidence, empty negative energy and prevent psychological disorders.

Combined activities and the participation of others, walks, meetings and dialogues, the best thing that can relieve the mother of her life and psychological pressures, and help her in charging energy and restoring activity.

The relationship with the husband should be a relationship that enhances the emotional and psychological side of the mother, as she is a wife in the first place, and her dialogue with the husband and his understanding of her reduces various pressures.

Finally, and most importantly, the mother should not work or offer beyond her capacity and at the expense of herself, and not hesitate to ask for help and assistance from those around her, as this helps her to continue giving and giving.

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