Erectile dysfunction in women causes and treatment methods in 2022

Erectile dysfunction in women causes and treatment methods in 2022
Erectile dysfunction in women causes and treatment methods

The marital relationship between spouses may be disturbed for various reasons, including material or life, or even lack of interest and lack of expression of feelings, but this relationship can be destabilized and greatly affected in the absence of sexual desire and weakness in one of the partners.

Impotence and unwillingness to engage in sexual intercourse can have major repercussions on marriage, whether it is on the part of the woman or the man. Impotence is associated with certain stages of life, in addition to various health and psychological problems.

Failure to treat this problem can result in several complications, the first of which are disputes and problems, and the last of which is separation and divorce, of which impotence represents a large proportion.

In our topic today, we will talk about impotence in women, its causes and methods of treatment.

**** Causes of impotence in women

Erectile dysfunction in women is medically defined as sexual dysfunction, which is the problem of many women's sexual function at any given stage, but it worsens with age and menopause.

Among the main causes of impotence in women, according to the Mayo Clinic website:

• Getting older.

• Health problems related to the reproductive system, as reproductive surgeries such as hysterectomy or cancer surgeries can affect a woman's desire to have sexual intercourse.

• Taking some medications such as high blood pressure medications and antihistamines.

• Serious diseases such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease.

• Smoking and drinking alcohol.

• Psychological pressures resulting from marital problems or financial pressures.

• Depression and bad body image.

*** Symptoms of impotence in women

Impotence can leave symptoms and complications ranging from simple to serious, which require rapid medical and psychological intervention.

Among these symptoms are:

• Not reaching orgasm.

• Decreased sexual desire and lack of interest in completing the sexual relationship.

• Disorder of sexual arousal.

• Disorder of sexual pain and the feeling of pain during intercourse.

*** Methods of treating erectile dysfunction in women

A woman should never be ashamed to seek immediate help to solve the problem of weakness and sexual dysfunction that she suffers from, as this benefits her marital life with her partner.

Treatment for ED in women usually requires addressing a medical condition or hormonal change. Your doctor may also suggest changing your medication. Treatment for hormonal-related ED includes:

• Estrogen therapy.

Androgen therapy, including testosterone treatments, which plays a role in the healthy sexual function of both men and women.

•    Contraceptive pills.

Erectile dysfunction in women can also be treated with non-medical methods that can benefit women who suffer from sexual fears. These treatments include talking, listening, open communication with your partner, and seeking advice by speaking with a counselor or therapist who specializes in marital relationship problems.

It is also possible to follow some natural and life tips that treat sexual weakness in women or reduce its severity such as:

• Avoid smoking and alcohol.

• Avoid excessive physical activity and sports, which can dampen the sexual response.

• Using creams and ointments to relieve vaginal dryness and pain during sexual intercourse.

• Regular exercise to improve the body's ability and improve mood.

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