Electromagnetic bomb...Learn about the weapon to destroy civilization

Electromagnetic bomb...Learn about the weapon to destroy  civilization
Electromagnetic bomb...Learn about the weapon to destroy  civilization 

Weapons of mass destruction are not limited to nuclear bombs only. There is another, no less dangerous weapon known as the electromagnetic bomb which brings people back hundreds of years and eliminates the achievements of human civilization in recent centuries.

The electromagnetic pulse is a massive explosion resulting from electromagnetic energy, and it can occur in nature, and humans have access to the technology that generates this explosion, through nuclear weapons.

It can be launched by missiles carrying nuclear warheads or warplanes.

While many experts believe that this type of bomb does not pose a significant threat because it does not kill humans, as do nuclear bombs that generate enormous heat, others argue that they can be used to cause huge disruption in societies that depend on technical devices, which means reviving centuries backwards.

And the defense store, Peter Berry, says that one bomb of this type can be used to destroy the electricity grid in North America.

And he continues Once the electricity grid falls, everything will be disrupted. Everything depends on electricity, such as telecommunications, transportation and even water. 

This pulse causes waves of electromagnetic energy, which move like a giant and moving magnet, and the huge stream of energy can destroy electrical devices in a certain range.

Countries that count on the fingers of one hand have this type of weapons of mass destruction, namely the United States, China, Russia and North Korea.

In light of the mutual threats between the major powers, especially Russia and America, the latter went to the option of preparing to confront this type of bomb.

According to the scientific website Live Science  in 2019, the former American Donald Trump issued an executive order to the federal government to strengthen its infrastructure in the face of electromagnetic pulse attacks.

But its application in practice began during the era of current President Joe Biden.

Finally, a US Air Force base took the first steps to confront a possible electromagnetic bomb attack.

Officials at Lackland Air Force Base near St. Antonio, Texas, have submitted a request to survey a facility called Oil, Petroleum and Lubrication.

The survey will identify any equipment that could be weak in the face of the electromagnetic pulse explosion, before other detailed examinations that look for loopholes in the face of this weapon of mass destruction, according to the same request.

Then, officials will be able to determine the ways in which protection affects this equipment, even in the event of an electromagnetic pulse attack.

Berry, who was a consultant on the project, said the survey and the resulting improvements are part of a broader US Air Force initiative to bolster its defenses against this type of threat.

Reports say that the United States will be safe from these attacks by 2032, as it will have strengthened its capabilities to protect its infrastructure in this context.


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