Disadvantages of rapid weight loss

Disadvantages of rapid weight loss
Disadvantages of rapid weight loss

Most studies, such as a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, reported that people who lose weight slowly and regularly maintain their weight for a longer period, and that there is a lot of harm in losing weight quickly.

The disadvantages of rapid weight loss are also the following:

1- Loss of important nutrients:

Following many diets that help reduce weight quickly is accompanied by stopping the consumption of some entire food groups, and thus the body loses many important nutrients that it needs to maintain its health; Such as vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients.

For example, a diet devoid of dairy products leads to a lack of calcium, and a diet low in carbohydrates leads to not getting enough fiber, and it is worth noting that even in the case of a diet low in calories, it must be ensured that adequate proportions of food, such as;


Vitamin D.

Vitamin B12.



2- Inhibition of metabolic rate:

As the rapid weight loss is usually due to a significant reduction in calorie consumption, the body believes in this case that it suffers from a lack of food sources and starvation, which leads to the inhibition of the metabolic rate in order to store energy, and to maintain its fat stores.

Conversely, an observational study published in Obesity in 2016 indicated that those who lost weight slowly over longer periods of time had a slower metabolic rate.

3- Loss of muscle mass:

The body may lose weight from its muscles instead of fat when significantly reducing the amount of calories consumed in order to lose weight quickly, as it may destroy its stores of muscle for energy, which slows down the metabolic rate, and it should be noted that half a kilogram of body muscles burns calories during Today, more than half a kilogram of fat burns.

This is because the muscle metabolism rate is higher, so muscle loss reduces the amount of calories burned during the day.

4- Drought:

Despite the rapid weight loss during the first two weeks of following the diet, especially the few with or without carbohydrates, the weight lost in fact is from water. Therefore, losing weight through this diet will lead to dehydration and cause some unwanted side effects; Such as constipation, headaches, muscle cramps, and low energy levels, and one of the most prominent of these diets for rapid weight loss is the so-called ketogenic diet.

5- Sagging skin:

Significant weight loss may lead to sagging skin, but the degree of this sagging depends on several factors; As the elasticity of the skin before and during weight loss determines the amount of saggy skin, and the skin of young people is able to shrink and appear more natural than the skin of adults, which may remain flabby.

6- Gout:

It is a type of rheumatoid arthritis that occurs due to the high percentage of uric acid and its accumulation in the body, which causes the formation of crystals in the joints that cause sudden and severe pain in them with swelling, and it is worth noting that the body with weight loss begins to metabolize tissues, which increases the flow of purine, which is a metabolite And, in turn, increases the concentration of uric acid, and therefore, following harsh diets, and losing weight quickly, increases the risk of developing gout.

7- Gallstones form:

They are harsh substances that form inside the gallbladder and may be one of the painful side effects that occur as a result of rapid weight loss, as the gallbladder naturally secretes digestive juices that help break down fats to be able to digest them, and in the event that good quantities of food are not consumed, they will not secrete these juices, and therefore will remain It is inside it for a long time and accumulates over time, forming stones. It is worth noting that these stones may get stuck at the beginning of the gallbladder and may cause severe pain in the upper right side of the abdomen, which is called a gallstone attack, in addition to indigestion.

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