Disadvantages of masturbation for girls before marriage

Disadvantages of masturbation for girls before marriage
Disadvantages of masturbation for girls before marriage

Masturbation is one of the things that are forbidden by Sharia because this habit causes health and psychological damage, whether for the girl or the boy, but unfortunately some girls practice this masturbation and do not know what harm it causes. girl.

*** Masturbation and its expected damages to the girl before marriage

Masturbation leads to some problems for the girl, including:


Among the negatives that affect the girl because of her practice of masturbation before marriage is the impotence that leads to her lack of sexual desire with the husband, which results in poor enjoyment of the marital relationship, and this problem often appears with the age of the girl more.

Physical weakness and fatigue

Masturbation causes the girl to feel physically tired continuously, because this habit negatively affects the nervous systems of the girl, which leads to fatigue in the knees, back and joints, and it may even lead to visual impairment.

A girl may feel the effect of masturbation in her twenties, and begin to feel weak physical fitness, especially if she bombs that result from this masturbation.

 Continuing to masturbate after marriage

One of the negatives that a girl suffers from because of masturbation is the fact that she continues to practice this masturbation after marriage, which may lead to recurring problems between her and her husband because she does not enjoy an intimate relationship with him. Which could lead to her divorce.

Having problems urinating

The girl who practices masturbation suffers from urination problems and pain when urinating as a result of severe bladder retention and exposure to infections, and it may reach the problem of involuntary urination as a result of weak nerves in the anal area.

*** The dangers of masturbation for girls

A girl who masturbates before marriage makes her reproductive system more vulnerable to fungi, microbes and bacteria, which causes her vaginal secretions to increase. If it increases too much, it may lead to kidney failure as a result of the aggravation of fungi and viruses in the vagina.

Masturbation may cause infertility after marriage due to blockage of the fallopian tubes with fungi and viruses that are present in the uterus.

One of the symptoms that affects girls from practicing this masturbation is the feeling of regret and self-deprecation, and it is one of the feelings that negatively affect the girl, which affects her studies and her ability to absorb.

*** Reasons for the spread of masturbation among girls

Unfortunately, there are some reasons that lead a girl to masturbate, including:

Spinsterhood, which has become a threat to many girls in the Arab world due to the weakness of the economic factor and the delay in the age of marriage, which may expose the girl to masturbation better than dispensing with their honor.

Some girls are subjected to harassment when they were young, and this leads to psychological problems for the girl, causing her to do some abnormal acts, including masturbation.

A girl who is exposed to psychological pressure, whether in the home or the community in which she lives, causes her to practice this habit, she resorts to to get rid of the feeling of these pressures.

Wrong upbringing in which a girl cannot distinguish between right and wrong in her behavior, as she may not know that practicing this habit causes her some problems.

The disintegration of the family is one of the most common reasons for feeling psychological disorders that affect the girl and make her resort to masturbation.

Emotional emptiness is one of the reasons why the girl tends to practice this habit in order to resemble herself emotionally, especially if the girl is not beautiful.

Accompanying bad companions who influence each other in wrong behaviors, especially that adolescence is one of the periods when girls are affected by their friends.

*** How to quit masturbation for girls

Girls can do some actions that help them get rid of this masturbation, including:

You must have strong will, do something useful, and resolve from your income not to practice this habit again.

A lot of prayer, worship and reading the Qur’an, because getting closer to God Almighty keeps the girl from falling into error in general.

Taking a cold bath every day before bed helps relax the body and relax the muscles, which makes the girl not feel like practicing this masturbation.

Try to sit alone in your room for long periods of time and stay away from free time that may cause you to do this masturbation.

Don't try to watch or think about what excites you, whether it's watching TV movies or dealing with some people who make you excited.

You should not eat a large amount of food to the point of feeling full, because satiety increases sexual desire.

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