Artificial intelligence Produces 40,000 new chemical weapons compounds

Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence produced 40,000 new deadly chemical weapons compounds six hours after scientists were assigned the task, and a team of scientists was using artificial intelligence to search for compounds that could be used to treat diseases, and part of this involved filtering out any compounds that could kill humans.

According to the British newspaper Daily Mail as part of a conference on the potential negative effects of new technology, biotech startup Collaborations Pharmaceuticals, from Raleigh, North Carolina, flipped a switch in its artificial intelligence algorithm, and found the deadliest compound. .

The team wanted to know how quickly and easily an AI algorithm could be misused, if it was assigned a negative task, rather than a positive one.

Once in passive mode the AI ​​has been able to devise thousands of new chemical structures, many of which are similar to the most dangerous nerve agents in use today.

Also, among the compounds invented by the AI, some were similar to VX, a highly toxic nerve agent that can cause shivering even in small doses.

One of the scariest aspects of their discovery, the researchers said, is how easy it is to take a widely available data set of toxic chemicals and use artificial intelligence to design chemical weapons similar to today's more dangerous ones.

The formation of a compound as strong as VX came as a shock to the researchers, as even a small drop of this chemical can cause a person to shiver, and the team expects a large enough dose to cause convulsions and prevent a person from breathing, and the new compound created by artificial intelligence could have Similar effect.

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