A simple magic recipe that protects the heart from diseases

A simple magic recipe that protects the heart from diseases
A simple magic recipe that protects the heart from diseases

Many people ignore simple daily practices that protect their hearts from deadly and merciless diseases, even though they are simple and do not consume much time and effort.

 Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in America.

By adopting simple daily practices, you can reduce the risk of heart disease and increase lifespan, including:

Quit smoking: Quitting this bad habit is not easy, although it is the main cause of cardiovascular diseases, such as heart attacks.

According to figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in four deaths from cardiovascular disease is caused by smoking.

The person may need support from a friend or family member, who can help you stay positive and keep changing your activity, such as inviting you for a walk in the park near your home instead of smoking a cigarette.

Physical activity: Much has been written about the importance of physical activity for the health of the body in general and the heart in particular, but many are lazy about practicing this activity because of the busyness and nature of family life.

It is better, whatever the preoccupations, that the person engages in physical activity, even if it is simple, such as cycling or walking.

It is recommended to do small activities that lead to changes in daily life, such as taking the stairs instead of using the elevators. According to the American Heart Association, regular to vigorous physical activity reduces heart disease by 30 to 40 percent.

 Reducing sodium: People need sodium, which is available in salt, but too much of it actually means an increase in blood pressure, which in turn is a major risk factor for heart disease.

The US Food and Drug Administration recommends sodium consumption of 2,300 milligrams, and salt can be replaced with flavorful spices and herbs such as basil and rosemary.

Gratitude Record: It's okay to record gratitude for those who helped you or even express it out loud, as this helps you promote positive feelings that improve heart health.

Brushing the teeth daily: This is an obvious matter that everyone knows, but what is meant here is not only brushing the teeth, but the use of flossing.

The reason for this is that several studies have shown that bacteria in the mouth, which are involved in the development of gum disease, can travel into the bloodstream, and later lead to a rise in C-reactive protein, a sign of vasculitis, and this may increase the risk of disease.

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