5 foods that women should eat for breakfast to get rid of belly fat

5 foods that women should eat for breakfast to get rid of belly fat

Getting rid of belly fat is a dream that most women have, especially as they are more likely to accumulate fat around the abdomen for several reasons, the most important of which are pregnancy and childbirth, lack of movement, eating a lot of fatty meals rich in harmful fats, not drinking water, unlike the genetic factors that cause this.

There is no doubt that women’s failure to follow healthy and healthy ways to get rid of belly fat with specialists according to the nature of their bodies and their health condition, may make them vulnerable to chronic diseases, especially heart diseases, type 2 diabetes or metabolic disorders.

Therefore, in the coming lines, we will focus on providing some healthy foods that are easy to add to the breakfast menu, to get rid of belly fat and stimulate the metabolism throughout the day, in order to employ them within the appropriate nutritional plan for each individual with the specialized nutritionist, to reach a flat stomach in the form natural.

From this point of view, we will learn about the 5 best foods that women should eat for breakfast to get rid of belly fat, through obesity and thinness consultant Dr. Hisham Al-Wasif from Cairo.

Foods that women should eat for breakfast to get rid of belly fat


Getting rid of belly fat requires achieving a healthy balance between three elements: following healthy eating habits, exercising specifically for the abdomen, and drinking a lot of water. All of them are an interlocking ring, and without any element, a flat stomach and a healthy body will not be reached in all cases.

Here we will highlight the top 5 healthy foods that should be eaten at breakfast, being the main meal responsible for stimulating the metabolism to get rid of belly fat and accumulated throughout the body without exception, as follows

Hard-boiled eggs

Be sure, dear, that eating a hard-boiled egg, which weighs 50 grams and 72 calories, may increase your feeling of satiety throughout the day, as well as raise the rate of burning to get rid of belly fat in particular.


Many people are ignorant of the importance of chickpeas in fighting stubborn fats in the body during weight loss, but chickpeas are rich in vitamins, minerals and fibers that contribute to this, other than the ability of chickpeas to raise your energy level and curb your appetite throughout the day, so make it in your breakfast with 3 tablespoons added to it lemon juice and a teaspoon of olive oil.

Pumpkin seeds

Numerous various studies have proven that raw pumpkin seeds are rich in healthy unsaturated fats that help get rid of belly fat, in addition to containing zinc and tryptophan acid that are useful for women at their advanced ages, so it is okay to eat a small amount that does not exceed a fist during your daily breakfast .

Greek Yogurt

Make my dear a cup of Greek yogurt an ally for your daily breakfast, as it is rich in proteins, calcium, and a low percentage of carbohydrates and sugars that contribute to the healthy disposal of belly fat.


Quinoa is a great alternative to animal proteins, rice and pasta. As for the importance of including it in your breakfast, it will maintain your cholesterol level and its unsaturated fats will contribute to stimulating your metabolism to get rid of belly fat properly.

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