10 tips for fattening legs

10 tips for fattening legs
10 tips for fattening legs

Despite the desire of some to have a slim body, there are a group of women who want to fatten their legs. Here are the most important tips in the following:

The most prominent tips and useful ways to fatten the legs to you in the following:

*** Methods of fattening the legs

Legs can be fattened in many ways, including:

1. Exercising

It should be noted if you are not accustomed to exercising in your usual routine, you should start gradually, to avoid any injuries or muscle spasms.  

Here are some important tips when exercising to fatten the legs in the following:

The use of machines designed to strengthen and fatten the legs inside the gym or at home, and you can consult the coach responsible for which one is most beneficial to you, and the appropriate period of use.

Watching leg fattening videos from trusted sources on the Internet or downloading sports apps on your mobile phone if you exercise at home.

Use some weights Dumbbells during daily exercises at home or in the gym, but you should stay away from carrying weights that exceed your physical capabilities, and it is preferable to consult a specialized trainer in this regard.

Running, which significantly helps to strengthen the muscles of the legs and increase their size.

Practicing yoga, most of whose movements depend on stretching the muscles of the body, including the legs, which greatly contributes to strengthening them, and making them appear more full.

Practicing dancing, which helps to strengthen the muscles of the body, especially the legs. Oriental dancing is known for its benefit in fattening the legs and increasing their size by strengthening their muscles.

Doing some exercises designed to fatten the legs by starting with five repetitions of the following exercises, and then gradually increasing their number:


To do a squat, follow these steps:

Stand upright, extend your arms forward.

Bend your knees down, as if you were to slowly sit down without your bent knees extending past the instep.

Return to your starting position again.

Scissors exercise

To perform the scissors exercise, follow these steps:

Lie on your back, and put your palms behind your head, so that it rests on them.

Open your legs a little, then raise your legs up, slightly spaced between them.

2. Follow the proper diet

Here you should avoid food that contains saturated fat completely, and try to follow a diet rich in protein and vitamin A, to help you fatten your legs and build muscle.

You should also get used to chewing food well and eating it slowly and calmly, as stress may hinder the good absorption of nutrients, and thus reduce their desired effect on the body.

Some options that you can add to your meals during the day to help fatten the legs are as follows:


Try adding brewer's yeast, pollen, nuts, almonds, and oats to your food, as well as fruit and whole-grain bread.Read: It's time to learn about the benefits of fruits for teeth


You can focus on fish, rice, bread, vegetables, and salad marinated in extra-virgin olive oil, as well as cream soups, pasta, and pastries in general.


Make sure to eat dinner at least an hour before you go to bed, so as not to disturb your sleep.

You can choose between bread, cheese, vegetables, and fruit jam, and baked or grilled potatoes are good options for dinner, along with soy milk, nuts, and oats. 

between meals

Do not forget to eat fruits, especially bananas, it helps a lot to gain weight, you can also eat dried fruits, and granola.

Vitamin A rich foods

Such as carrots, parsley, peaches, papaya, avocado, and olive oil.


The fenugreek helps to give a positive energy boost to those who exercise, and its derivatives help to gain weight, and the extracted oils and masks made from them are used to fatten certain parts of the body, including the legs.

3. Other procedures for fattening the legs

There are some medical lotions and creams that help fatten the legs and increase their size, but it is not possible to suffice with them alone without exercising or following a diet to help fatten the legs. 

In addition to plastic surgery to fatten the legs, which is done by injecting the areas to be increased in size with fat.

*** Important tips for fattening legs

Here are some important tips to make your legs look fatter in the following:

Stay away from tight pants, as they are designed to highlight the thinnest legs, and try to wear pants that are a little wider from the top and around the knee, and gradually narrow from below the knees to the ankles.

Opt for colorful pants. Graphics, flowers, cross stripes, and patterns make your legs look fuller.

Wear boots and choose models that are slightly looser at the top, as they increase the size of your legs, especially if you put your jeans inside them.

Avoid loose-fitting dresses and skirts, as they accentuate the thinnest legs, and opt for narrow or medium-length skirts instead.

Why do some people want to fatten the legs?

Some women may want to fatten their legs for the following reasons:

Get a toned body, especially when there is a noticeable difference between the upper and lower body.

Get stronger legs, by strengthening the muscles in the legs to make them look bigger than before.

Satisfying personal tastes, related to body image and feeling confident about one's physical appearance.

Follow the prevailing trends of texture and clothing.

How to fatten the body ?

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