Who is My Uncle Ali Al-Sahrawi who is leading the operation to rescue the child Rayan?

Who is "My Uncle Ali Al-Sahrawi" who is leading the operation to rescue the child Rayan?

In light of its relentless efforts to save Rayan, the Moroccan authorities have hired a manual well-drilling specialist, Ali Al-Jajawi, to lead the most complex stages of rescuing the child stuck in a dry well since last Tuesday, in the north of the country.

Uncle Ali Al-Jajawi, a Moroccan in his fifties, a resident of Erfoud (eastern Morocco), has been practicing for more than 20 years the profession of digging wells by traditional manual methods, in addition to his work in the field of construction, and he is nicknamed the Sahrawi, in relation to his origins that date back to the Central Eastern desert. country.

Uncle Ali is famous for his high craftsmanship in digging wells manually and overcoming natural obstacles during drilling without the use of modern drilling methods. Due to Jajawi's experience in manual drilling of wells, the Moroccan authorities used him, after it was not possible to complete the drilling task using heavy machinery.

Video clips broadcast by activists showed that Al-Jagawi, along with two other people, dug the horizontal port towards the stuck child, and manually removed the rubble to avoid the risk of a sudden collapse. A few meters away from the manual digging process, mechanisms are preparing to transport large concrete cylinders to the site of excavation in order to protect the rescue teams and the stuck child from any possible rocky rivers.

Rayan, 5, has been stuck since Tuesday noon in a dry well 32 meters deep, in the agricultural village of "Igran", affiliated to the Tamrout region in the Chefchaouen region, northern Morocco, while rescue teams continue their continuous efforts to save him.

According to specialists, the stage of digging the horizontal manual port towards the well stuck in the child Rayan is the most difficult and complex in the rescue stages, given the possibility of collapsing the fragile soil in the area.

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Millions around the world are holding their breath in anticipation of the operation to save the Moroccan child Rayan 


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