Valentine's Day 2022... Weekly schedule for skin beauty care

Valentine's Day 2022... Weekly schedule for skin beauty care

Weekly skin care schedule before Valentine's Day. Few days, and we are separated from the occasion of Valentine's Day, and on this occasion, women want their appearance to be bright and radiant, especially with regard to the appearance of their skin.

1. Cleaning the skin

Cleaning the skin we do not mean to be satisfied with washing the face with water and soap, which causes dehydration to the skin. Rather, cleaning the skin requires the use of a daily morning and evening wash, along with the accompanying use of toner. These steps work to remove dirt and prevent the accumulation of oils in the pores of the skin, as they renew the luster of the skin and prevent infections. Choose a foaming cleanser suitable for your skin type, and you must also remove makeup with a special product before cleaning the skin again, then pass the toner and wash the face with water before going to sleep. These steps give you a healthy appearance of the skin.

2. Peeling skin

At a rate of once a week, you should exfoliate the skin to restore life to dull and dry skin, and this step also helps prepare the skin to absorb moisturizing creams and nourishing masks. Choose a ready-made scrub from cosmetics that is light on your skin, or apply natural mixtures such as oatmeal scrub with honey. Gently spread the scrub all over the face with a light massage, then wash your face with lukewarm water. After this step, it is necessary to use a moisturizing cream and not to be exposed to the sun.

3. Skin Moisturizing

Moisturizing the skin is an indispensable step, whether to prepare the skin before occasions, such as Valentine's Day, or to maintain the suppleness of your skin on a daily basis and fight wrinkles. The components of the moisturizing cream work to lock moisture in the skin cells, preventing dryness and premature wrinkles. Choose creams with ingredients rich in vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin. Moisturizing should also be in two phases, in the morning and before bed, and for both of them you have to choose special creams for these periods.

4. Applying nourishing masks

Moisturizing and cleansing is not enough to achieve glowing, vibrant skin. Your skin also needs nourishing masks that rejuvenate the skin, give it freshness, remove dark pigmentation and lighten its color. Try natural mixtures such as avocado and banana mask, yogurt mask with honey, olive oil mask and coconut oil. These masks brighten tired skin, and apply them 3 times a week before Valentine's Day 2022.

5. Serum

The previous steps to take care of your skin days before the occasion of Valentine’s Day would not be complete without using a serum rich in compounds that enhance the beauty of your skin. Apply the serum daily after cleansing the skin, and distribute a few points of it on the face with a light massage, starting from the borders of the nose outward, to get a tight skin as well.

Follow this weekly program, and get skin that radiates clean, freshness and radiance before the occasion of Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day 2022 ... 5 steps to take care of your beauty

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