Tourism guide and most important tips before traveling to Budapest in 2022

Tourism guide and most important tips before traveling to Budapest in 2022

The Budapest tourism experience is one of the wonderful experiences that travel enthusiasts should put on their list. This charming city, the capital of Hungary, is nicknamed the Paris of the East and is admired thanks to its stunning historical architecture and UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Budapest shines with a wonderful group of the most beautiful monuments dating back to the Middle Ages, such as churches and castles, in addition to the famous thermal springs with healing properties and the city's distinctive artistic, cultural and recreational atmosphere.

Before setting off to enjoy tourism in Budapest, there is important information and tips that you should know to help you have an enjoyable vacation and avoid problems that may disturb your charming and distinguished trip in the capital of Hungary.

Learn about the most important Budapest tourism tips:

1. Transportation

It is preferable in Budapest to use public transportation, as it is organized and cheap and provides transportation to all areas of the city instead of using a taxi or renting cars that may drain your budget.

2. city ​​card

Do not forget to purchase the city card for tourism in Budapest, as the card offers discounts on the use of public transportation such as the metro and buses, in addition to discounts on tickets to the most important landmarks such as museums, castles, parks, and others.

3. Watch out for taxis

When taking taxis in Budapest, be sure to use reliable transportation companies such as the yellow marked city taxi and avoid unknown cars that stop around airports and landmarks.

4. Hotel selection

In Budapest, it is preferable to choose hotels near metro stations to enjoy the ease and speed of movement between the various attractions, most of which are located within the old city.

5. Choosing the right time for tourism in Budapest

When planning tourism in Budapest, it is necessary to know the best travel times, as the spring and summer season are the best times to enjoy the mild weather and the opportunity to walk between the different attractions without the harsh winter cold, but the summer season is the peak tourist season where the city is crowded with tourists where you can wait for the season The autumn.

6. Eat local food

Try eating local food from street food carts, it is safe and clean in Budapest and offers good meals at reasonable prices compared to tourist restaurants.

7. Avoid theft incidents

Despite the well-known security in Budapest, but all tourist areas suffer from some incidents of theft, especially in tourist areas crowded with tourists and the ramps of trains and the metro, so it is preferable to hide money and valuables in underwear pockets, avoid shoulder bags and choose backpacks, and it is preferable not to leave phones and cameras On the tables of cafes and restaurants.

8. Avoid scams

Some robbery gangs implement a trick to defraud the tourists by fabricating some dating situations in the tourist areas, offering an offer for a tourist tour, or offering the opportunity to exchange currencies at great prices to turn out later to be fake money and other tricks that should be avoided.

9. Emergency numbers

The police in Budapest provides a hotline for tourists, where they can speak in English, and you can get all the tourist emergency numbers when you arrive at the airport.

10. Buy souvenirs

When buying souvenirs in Budapest, avoid the shops located near the tourist attractions, as they offer high prices. It is best to go to the local markets, where you can find great quality products at reasonable prices. Budapest is famous for its glass, crystal and lace products.

11. Tipping policy

Tipping is a common practice in Budapest, where it is added to the bills of hotels, restaurants and taxis. It is also preferable to give tips to hotel, airport and other employees.

12. drinking water

The tap water in Budapest is absolutely pure and clean so you don't have to spend part of your travel budget on buying bottled mineral water.

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