Tonga announces a general closure ... France begins lifting Corona restrictions 2022

 Tonga announces a general closure ... France begins lifting Corona restrictions 2022

Yesterday, Wednesday, France began lifting some restrictions to combat the Coronavirus, and other European and Asian countries announced similar steps, and China confirmed complete control of the spread of Covid-19, even though 250 million Chinese traveled for the week-long Lunar New Year holiday with their families in rural towns and villages.

Russia and Germany

On Wednesday, the death toll from the new coronavirus in Russia exceeded the 12 million mark, with 141,883 cases recorded, bringing the total number of infections to 12,128,796. 678 deaths were also monitored, bringing the total deaths to 332,690 deaths.

Germany witnessed a new record jump in daily injuries on Wednesday, as it recorded 208,498 cases within 24 hours, bringing the total injuries there to exceed the ten million barrier. On the second of January, a month ago, the daily injuries amounted to 12,515 cases. The seven-day infection rate also reached an all-time high of 1227,5 cases per 100,000 population with the omicron mutant spreading across the country.

France begins lifting restrictions

On Wednesday, the French government began to lift some restrictions from Covid-19, after England and Denmark took a similar step, at a time when the global epidemiological situation is still sensitive. French President Emmanuel Macron announced that, if the trends in the development of the pandemic become clear, he will work to “clearly ease the health protocols in schools, when the February-March school holiday” ends. From yesterday, Wednesday, in addition to canceling the restrictions that were imposed in places that used to receive a seated audience, such as stadiums and cultural institutions.

In Spain, nightclubs will be able to open their doors again from February 11 in Catalonia, about two months after their closure.

On Tuesday, the Norwegian government announced the lifting of most of the restrictions against the outbreak of Covid19, considering that society can and "must coexist with the virus."

Public closure in Tonga

However, the trend of easing health restrictions is not global, as the Tonga Islands, for example, announced on Wednesday imposing a general closure after discovering two cases of Covid19 on its territory, after it was one of the rare countries that had not recorded any infection with the virus since the beginning of the pandemic.

Senior Australian defense officials confirmed Wednesday that a warship that delivered aid to Tonga was not the source of the Covid19 outbreak. And the two injuries are among the first cases recorded in the country, which has a population of one hundred thousand.

 Tokyo exceeds 20,000 for the first time

 The number of new cases of COVID19 in Tokyo exceeded 20,000 for the first time on Wednesday, dimming hopes that the wave of infections in Omicron will reach a peak in Japan. The daily cases nationwide reached 91,760, while 18 prefectures recorded the highest infection levels ever. Tokyo has 21,576 new cases, surpassing the previous record of 17,613 cases. The occupancy rate of hospital beds reserved for coronavirus patients rose to 51.4 percent.

Before it's time

The Director-General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, warned that it is too early for countries to declare victory over the Covid19 pandemic or to stop trying to stem the spread of the virus. "It is too early for any country to surrender or declare victory," he said during a press conference, expressing concern over a rise in the number of deaths in most regions of the world.

And the director of emergencies at the organization, Michael Ryan, indicated that he fears that some countries, due to political pressure, will want to emulate governments that have begun to ease restrictions, without taking into account their special epidemiological situation.

BA2 prevail

On Tuesday, the organization indicated that a sub-mutant derived from Omicron (BA2), and studies indicate that it spreads faster than the original, and it has been monitored in 57 countries. The organization said that the mutant, which constitutes more than 93 percent of all samples of the Corona virus that were collected last month, is divided into several strains, namely “BA1”, “BA1.1”, “BA2” and “BAA”. .3».

It added that BA1 and BA1.1, the first two versions identified, made up 96 percent of all Omicron strains uploaded to the Global Influenza Data Exchange Initiative's database.

But there was a clear rise in infections related to the BA2 strain, which has undergone several mutations different from the original, including a spike protein on the surface of the virus that plays a key role in the virus entering human cells.

under control

The National Health Commission of China announced on Wednesday that the mainland recorded 63 new confirmed cases of COVID19, a slight decrease from the previous day. Authorities said 250 million Chinese traveled in the last 10 days for the Lunar New Year holiday with their families. The authorities confirmed that the outbreak of the pandemic is still under complete and complete control.

It is noteworthy that China has fully vaccinated 85 percent of its 1.4 billion people.

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