The most interesting places to visit in the world for nature lovers in winter 2022

The most interesting places to visit in the world for nature lovers in winter 2022

The most interesting places to visit in the world for nature lovers in winter  

While many may want to escape to the warmer tourist destinations during the winter holidays, others prefer to enjoy the winter weather and witness nature at its most beautiful during the winter season, by visiting a group of picturesque natural places that often become more beautiful and attractive during the winter season.

The best tourist places that are recommended to visit in winter, for nature lovers:


Lake Tahoe and the surrounding natural area are characterized by their scenic natural beauty throughout the year, but their amazing natural beauty often reaches its peak during the winter season, when the nature surrounding the lake is covered with white snow and the area around the lake turns into a wonderful ski resort, in addition to that, it also provides hot springs Attractive tourist sites, great winter activities including skiing, nature walks and bird watching.


Gullfoss Falls, located in southwest Iceland in the attractive valley of the Hvítá River, is one of the most beautiful natural areas in Norway, and while it is picturesque in the summer season, it is even more beautiful and impressive during the winter season, during which the waterfalls partially freeze in a dazzling scene As the waterfall turns into what looks like vibrant colored shades of blue and turquoise and the half-frozen water falls from a height of almost 100 feet, and although there is not much to do in the area besides watching the falls, most visitors find that visiting The falls alone are worth the trip.

3. SVALBARD, Norway

It is a Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean, located north of the continent of Europe, approximately halfway between the continental route between Norway and the North Pole, and in the far north of the world. November and the end of January. In addition, the archipelago is home to beautiful natural areas that include mountainous areas. The area is also famous for being home to wild animals that you rarely see anywhere else, such as polar bears.

 4. LAKE BLED Church Island, Slovenia

Church Island or Lake Bled, as it is called, is located in the Julian Alps region in northwestern Slovenia, adjacent to the famous tourist town of Bled. The island includes attractive architectural features and an elegant local church that used to host a large number of weddings throughout the year. The picturesque nature, especially during the winter, when the lake turns an attractive blue color and reflects the surrounding snowy mountains on its surface. Visitors to the area can also enjoy skiing or visit the nearby Vintgar gorge, which includes many waterfalls, pools and caves.


Visiting Russia during the winter season may not be an order for those who cannot stand the harsh and very cold winter conditions in Russia, but there are a good number of picturesque natural sites in Russia that become the most beautiful during the winter season, such as Lake Baikal known as " The Holy Sea, which is famous for being the deepest freshwater lake in the world, the lake area is also the site of an ice skating rink with an area of ​​12,200 square miles, and the area offers many wonderful activities for its visitors such as dog sledding excursions, ice skating, as well as diving .


Jigokudani Monkey Park is located in the Joshinetsu Kogen National Park of Japan. Jigokudani Monkey Park is famous for its scenic natural beauty decorated with snow and where heavy snow falls for about four months every year in the area. Its name is that it is home to different types of monkeys.

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