The most important tourist attractions in Utrecht, the most beautiful city in the Netherlands 2022

The most important tourist attractions in Utrecht, the most beautiful city in the Netherlands
The most important tourist attractions in Utrecht, the most beautiful city in the Netherlands

The city of Utrecht is one of the most beautiful areas of the Netherlands. It is a destination worth visiting to explore its historical and natural beauty and enjoy charming times of calm and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam, where you can reach Utrecht by train from Amsterdam in just half an hour.

Utrecht boasts antique medieval architecture, romantic canals, vistas of castles, palaces, antique universities, shops, classic boutiques and elegant cafés.

Today, we explore the most beautiful areas and landmarks in Utrecht, one of the most beautiful areas of the Netherlands, which has a history dating back to the Roman era.

1. Dome Square

Dom Square is one of the wonderful tourist areas in Utrecht, it bears this name thanks to its embrace of the Dom Tower and enjoys classic cafes and restaurants that provide great times of relaxation for coffee and local cuisine.

2. Dome Tower

The Dom Tower is a distinctive symbol of Utrecht. Evening to enjoy its wonderful view with lighting.

3. Castle de Har

De Haar Castle is one of the landmarks of the city of Utrecht and is one of the largest castles in the Netherlands. It is also distinguished by its magnificent architecture dating back to the 19th century. The castle includes within it an impressive collection of antiques, sculptures, paintings, historical furnishings and rich and unique decorative details.

4. Zwillen Castle  

Zwillen Castle is a wonderful historical destination in Utrecht. The castle was built in 1510 and its construction was developed in the 18th century. Visitors enjoy exploring its wings and its charming garden and learn about the castle's holdings of the most wonderful antiquities such as weapons, armor, documents and sculptures.

5. Kaiser Huis Doorn's House

Huis Doorn or the Kaiser's House is a small castle dating back to the Middle Ages. Some modern modifications were added to the castle in the 18th century. This castle gained importance in 1920 after the German Kaiser bought it after his defeat in the First World War and lived in this palace until his death in 1941. .

Visitors to the castle can learn about its medieval building, explore its wings and halls that have been converted into a museum, and see its furniture, historical artifacts, and property belonging to the Tsar, in addition to the charming garden.

6. Utrecht Botanic  Gardens

The Botanic Gardens are one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

The garden also includes a butterfly greenhouse that includes the most wonderful butterflies from around the world and plants suitable for them, with stunning scenes of fountains, sculptures and seating areas, where the garden provides the pleasure of spending an enchanting day of relaxation with its charming scenes.

7. St. Martin's Cathedral

St. Martin's Cathedral is one of the most important landmarks of the city of Utrecht and is located near the Dom Tower. In the past, a large nave connected them. The cathedral dates back to the Middle Ages and is one of the largest churches in the Netherlands.

The cathedral has a charming Gothic building with the most magnificent windows with arches, colored glass decorations and elaborate interior architectural details.. while the old nave turned into a square of gardens and trees.

8. Old City

The center of the old town is one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Utrecht, where it is fun to walk in the old streets with charming historical buildings and the scene of romantic canals, in front of which are lined with quiet cafés.

An enchanting day can be enjoyed with coffee in the old city's cafes and restaurants that serve local cuisine in front of the scenery of the canals, in addition to the opportunity to shop for the finest souvenirs from the old classic stores or cycling.

In the old city, you can also enjoy the experience of sailing by boat in the water canals, witnessing the most wonderful historical landmarks of the city, and visiting the antique squares that include it in branching networks of roads and alleys.

The Oudegracht canal is the most important and oldest water canal in Utrecht. It was built a thousand years ago to connect the Rhine and the Fisht River. Today, it shines with the sidewalks that include the most beautiful cafes and restaurants that touch the romantic atmosphere of history.

9. Railway Museum

The Railway Museum is one of the most beautiful museums in the city of Utrecht, which is located inside the old train station and includes many historical holdings of railroad cars, the railway industry and its systems throughout its history and its role in the city's commercial development and the opportunity to ride old train cars and take the most wonderful pictures.

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