The most expensive 5 types of pizza in the world ... International Pizza Day 2022

The most expensive 5 types of pizza in the world ... International Pizza Day

Pizza of all kinds is one of the favorite foods of many people, whether with chicken pieces or a different group of seafood or even vegetables only, and these ingredients play a role in determining their prices in different restaurants, and on the occasion of International Pizza Day, we review in this report, the most expensive types Pizza in the world.

The most expensive pizza in the world:

1. Louis XIII pizza

The Louis XIII pizza is considered the most expensive pizza in the world, which was invented by the famous Italian chef Renato Viola, and it took him 72 hours to cook due to the number of ingredients it was made from, as it consists of cheese, locally sourced organic buffalo mozzarella, and Australian pink shrimp sourced from the river Murray, as well as lobster, mantis shrimp, and three types of rare caviar, so the cost of the pizza amounted to the equivalent of 12,000 dollars.

2. Gold Leaf  Pizza

The price of the "Gold Leaf" pizza is 2,400 dollars, and it was invented by Chef Giovanni Steiano in Malta in partnership with the owner, and it is considered one of the most expensive types of pizza, Giovanni Steiano, in partnership with the owner of the "Margo" restaurant, Claude Camilleri, and the pizza contains white truffles, and the most expensive types of good fungi. Edible, buffalo mozzarella, and gold leaf made of 24 karat edible gold.

3. 24 karat pizza

Known for its exotic ingredients and sky-high prices, the 24-karat American pizza consists of caviar, Stilton cheese  the second most expensive cheese on earth , French foie gras, white truffles, and edible gold leaf.

4. Pizza for lovers

The Lovers’ Pizza is priced at $8,180, and it was designed by Tom Fajita, owner of the Fajita Family Pizzeria in America.

5. Steveston Pizza

Steveston Pizza Co. in Richmond, British Columbia is known for its delicious $850 pizza, consisting of tiger prawns, Russian Osetra caviar, white truffles and other ingredients.

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