The Food and Drug Administration approves the first oral drug for Corona

The Food and Drug Administration approves the first oral drug for Corona

In a precedent that is the first of its kind since the beginning of the current Corona pandemic, the Food and Drug Authority has just approved the anti-coronavirus drug that was produced by Pfizer earlier this year, to be the first approved oral drug for the emerging corona virus.

  The Food and Drug Administration approves the first oral drug for Corona

The US Food and Drug Administration has issued an urgent approval for the oral drug produced by Pfizer that is intended to combat the emerging corona virus, in a move that researchers hope will radically change the course of the current pandemic, as the new drug reduces the chances of developing severe complications from the emerging corona virus by 89%. .

The new drug may become available for use in some countries of the world within days, as Pfizer had previously sent shipments of it to countries such as the United States of America, in anticipation of the approval decision at any moment, to expedite the start of its use as soon as the decision was issued, which has already happened.

According to the recent approval decision issued by the Food and Drug Authority:

The new drug will be available to patients over the age of 12, who have mild or moderate cases of the Corona virus and may be at risk of developing serious complications from Corona.

Doctors will recommend starting the administration of the new drug to patients as soon as possible after diagnosing infection with the virus, and preferably within the first five days of the emergence of symptoms of the virus on the infected person.

The approval decision comes at an important and critical time in the pandemic, after the past weeks witnessed an escalation in the number of coronavirus infections around the world in light of the widespread spread of the dangerous delta mutate and the rapidly spreading Omicron mutant.

After it has already been approved by the Food and Drug Authority, it is expected that the Center for Disease Control and Control will also issue its approval for the new drug within a short period.

About the new drug

Here are the most important things you need to know about the new drug:

The new drug bears the name Paxlovid, and it was manufactured by Pfizer specifically to combat the Corona virus.

This drug is the first oral antiviral drug approved for the emerging coronavirus.

The new drug works to combat the Corona virus by targeting the enzymes that help the virus to multiply.

The new drug will be given as two oral tablets twice daily, at a dosage of 150 milligrams per pill.

It is supposed to be given two tablets of Paxlovid with a tablet of an HIV medicine, in order to slow down the metabolic rate and thus improve the body's ability to absorb Paxlovid.

Because of its oral form, this medicine may be easy to use and benefit from by many people around the world.

This new drug comes to join the list of available ways to combat the emerging corona virus, after vaccines, prevention measures and social distancing were the only ways available to combat the Corona virus, but this drug is not a substitute for vaccines, but rather another positive step that may help us shorten the way out of the current pandemic.

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