The discovery of a new mutant of the AIDS virus, acquired immunodeficiency virus, is more deadly 2022

The discovery of a new mutant of the "AIDS" virus, acquired immunodeficiency virus, is "more deadly" 2022

While the world is busy fighting Corona virus mutations, a new mutation of the acquired immunodeficiency virus "AIDS" surprised scientists, who described it as more deadly than its predecessors.

And the "Science" website reported that scientists have discovered a new type of virus that causes AIDS in the Netherlands, and it appears that it causes a faster progression in the disease compared to the original virus.

The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) destroys immune cells called CD4 cells in the body, which leads to a decrease in the number of these cells, but the new mutated virus causes a twofold decrease in these cells.

Unlike the original virus, people with the new mutation deteriorate within nine months if they do not start the available treatment, according to Chris Wymant, a senior researcher in statistical genetics and pathogen dynamics at Oxford University.

The researchers warned that the new mutation develops faster in the elderly.

And the site reports that researchers have found that "AIDS" drugs also work well against the new mutation.

Chris Wymant said the drug can stop the immune system from deteriorating due to the new mutant and prevent transmission of the virus to other people.

The team of researchers found that the new mutation is spreading in Europe and the United States of America.

Since AIDS was first discovered, more than 36 million deaths have been recorded worldwide, and as of 2020, about 37 million people were living with the disease, primarily in eastern and southern Africa.

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